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  • JamesB JamesB May 2, 2013 15:10 Flag

    Cesc it all really...

    Looks like 'our' boy Fabregas pulled the wrong straw then, going home. With the Germans starting to steam roller over the trillion dollar teams of Spain, he must wonder wear his next medal is coming from(well he did go for 'Glory' didn't he). Too much too soon seems to have caught up with Barca, and Pepi saw the writing on the wall long ago. After that mauling, Cesc looked decidedly uncomfortable, and must be thinking 'they left Messi on the bench, and played me. I wonder why?' Well now he knows. What a nice little earner that was for AW. And the same can be said for Bedford Van Purse, now the goals will start to dry up and Rooney makes demands on Blue Bottle Ferguson. Should be quite a show next season. Lets see who is proven right. AW is my bet.