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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS May 2, 2013 22:23 Flag

    Poor going forward? Poor in defence??? Poor all round really??? Especially THAT manager!?!?!

    OK. So the current Arsenal team lack the cutting edge going forward and the defence, though improved is still as shaky as a Shakin Stevens ditty (and THAT'S Shaky!).

    If this is correct, can someone please find the time to explain to my achy breaky heart, why oh why it is, today, Arsenal are equal in the GA column to ManIOU? And have let in only ONE more than Chelsea?? And SEVEN less than Spurs???

    Also, in the GF column, Arsenal have the third highest strike rate in the league. FIVE more than City,SIX more than Spurs and only TWO behind that rapier like attack of Chelski!!!

    Now, my Fab brain has been called into question many a time by those on here of far far higher intelligence than thee. Obviously me believing this team, this relatively NEW squad,is rather decent actually. Has very little wrong with it as it happens.

    When my Fab brain takes into account the minor facts of players who were missing due to long term injury last season and the fact they couldn't possibly have sought any understanding of the new members brought in LAST season AND obviously ALL needing time to adjust to the departure of the clubs best player and captain AND the arrivals of THIS season, said Fab brain thinks this squad and manager have done really rather well.

    In fact, said Fab brain thinks the prospects for the near future look VERY BRIGHT indeed.

    Naturally, my Fab brain also knows that I, know nothing at all.

    Perhaps, my adversaries can point me in the right direction?

    Much love!

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    • Your believe that this squad and manager have done well is obvious depending on a lot of subjective measurements. As is anyone's believe in subjective matters like this.

      For many of us finishing in the top 4 every year is not good enough and therefor it is hard to conclude we have done well. For me it is best to judge at the end of the season how well we have done this year since finishing outside the top 4 is not even good enough for Wenger let alone for ambitious fans like many of us. So it is probably best to reserve judgement on how we have done until the season is over.

      Looking at it from where we we were a few games into the season and how poorly we have played this season particularly against top teams, if we finish in the top 4 we have overachieved IMO.

      In terms of the relationship between our poor defending and goals conceded, I think you raise a fair point. It is in fact so fair that I raised the same point on the 10th of April.

      I think the two reasons for me for the difference in our perceived poor defending and our goals conceded lies in 2 factors. Firstly for years we have had trouble defending from set pieces and high crosses into our box and, to date, we have not really fixed this. This means that a lot of the goals we concede seem "soft". Secondly since we tend to play the tikki takki football style resulting in us normally having the ball 60-65% of the time, we concede our goals in much less time than other teams do. I think these factors contribute to feeling of our poor defending.

      As an example against Fulham recently we had 71% possession and managed 3 shots on target and Fulham with their 29% possession also generated 3 shots on target, this gives the feeling of week defending relative to Fulham's defending despite the fact that we won.


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      • The last time you raised that question about the stats of our goals for and against on 10 April, I was going to write a reply, but, for some reasons, the "reply" button was not there.

        I think we started the first few games of our season defending quite well mainly due to the midfield not giving time or space for the opposition to settle. This made the job of our defenders easier. But then, for some unknown reasons, we reverted to our old self of letting the opposition to have more freedom in midfield. This was the reason the defending went bad. The situation improved again from about a month ago when the whole of our defence sat down to hammer out how they would defend as a team. An example of the sort of defending we should aspire to is the way Bayern defended against Barce in both legs of the Champions League semi-final.

        I can understand conceding goals in many situations: the opposition playing brilliantly, they out-pace/out-number our defence, bad-luck, poor refereeing decisions...etc. But, it is the manner in which we concede them that I do not like. There are 2 things in particular that I hate

      • So, to sum up, you just 'feel' Arsenal defend poorly even though the GA column tells you Arsenal are on a par with the steadfast defence of ManIOU?

        I see.