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  • JJ JJ May 3, 2013 19:33 Flag

    Poor going forward? Poor in defence??? Poor all round really??? Especially THAT manager!?!?!

    The last time you raised that question about the stats of our goals for and against on 10 April, I was going to write a reply, but, for some reasons, the "reply" button was not there.

    I think we started the first few games of our season defending quite well mainly due to the midfield not giving time or space for the opposition to settle. This made the job of our defenders easier. But then, for some unknown reasons, we reverted to our old self of letting the opposition to have more freedom in midfield. This was the reason the defending went bad. The situation improved again from about a month ago when the whole of our defence sat down to hammer out how they would defend as a team. An example of the sort of defending we should aspire to is the way Bayern defended against Barce in both legs of the Champions League semi-final.

    I can understand conceding goals in many situations: the opposition playing brilliantly, they out-pace/out-number our defence, bad-luck, poor refereeing decisions...etc. But, it is the manner in which we concede them that I do not like. There are 2 things in particular that I hate

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    • Although we can not know for certain but I think the sudden drop of in the quality of our defending was as a result of the same between the relationship Wenger-Bould.

      Watching Bayern defend high up the pitch and give Barca little time to settle in in front of their box is what to me is the best defending to watch. When we do that we are very good but we seem to lack the discipline or the marching orders.