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  • Bad suggestion, Govinda.

    Robin Van Pariah had burned his bridges so badly with the Gooners faithfuls that he won't be welcomed "at any price" at the Emirates.

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    • Well you wanted world class and didn't think Higuain was world class, and you made no suggestions of you own (to keep it safe?) on which world class striker you think Wenger can bring in. The closest we came to world class was RVP and we allowed him to walk out the door after what 8 (?) years.

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      • Slayer I can not reply to your last post so I do it this way. I guess you preferred to take my comparison between the 2 strikers as an invitation to shoot down both rather than express a preference between the 2 (like radge did), despite seemingly agreeing that both are likely an improvement over Giroud, our current one and only option, whilst acknowledging your lack of knowledge on available strikers. Interesting approach.

        I do agree with you that our scouts have to start producing some decent striker recommendations, something they have not done in a long time and something they are paid to do. Perhaps what I have heard is true, which is that some Arsenal scouts are quite discouraged since most of the time Wenger ignores their advice and reports.

        Would you rather be a Bayern fan or a Spurs fan?

      • "(was) world class"?

        And so is Kaka not so long ago, Govinda. But look at Kaka now. He's definately not the same player Real Madrid forked out all those tens of millions of Euros on. He looks like a bloated shadow of his old self every time I see him play for Real now. Without a doubt, Arsenal are in need of a far mobile, clinical striker than the irritatingly sluggish Giroud if we are serious about challenging for honours next season. But to be honest with you, I'll always (keep it safe?) as I don't have any named striker(s) in mind who we can 'afford' given our limited budget and should be looking at. Moreso, I haven't seen enough of the other attacking players from other teams who can add value to the Arsenal apart from the usual suspects (Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Carlos Vela ;-), you name it, etc, etc). I think the scouts who are paid huge salaries to follow likely targets are better suited to that role, and isn't it about time ours finally earn their corn by discovering the next Ronal'Messi, Govinda?