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  • Govinda Govinda May 3, 2013 10:05 Flag

    Jovetic or Higuain

    It seems both these striker might be available and in a similar price range.

    Personally I have seen more of Higuain and believe at 25 his track record is a bit more convincing so I would prefer him over Jovetic.

    It is hard to predict how a striker will adapt to the PL as we saw recently with Chamakh, Giroud, Beneteke and MIchu. Some adapt well and other others don't. Having said that scoring 105 goals in 187 La Liga games for Real is a good indication and to me a better one than Jovetic who scored 34 in 111 in Series A. Jovetic, in terms of stats, is not much better than the 11 out of 33 from Giroud.

    Supposedly Spurs are also in for Higauin. I hope we will sign Higuain quickly and ahead of any other teams that will undoubtedly be interested in him.

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    • I dont know tbh. Youre right about Higain's stats in favour of Jovetic, but Jovetic as I understand it can play LW/RW, SS and CF? Higain can play CF? Wenger always looks for flexibility in the choice of players so would probably go with the player who can play in more positions. Even at their detriment.

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      • I think that is the problem. We need a specialist CF not a Podolski like player who does not have a position he is clearly superior in. Podolski, as decent of a player as he is, IMO neither dominates on the left wing nor in front of goal. I would rather have a dominant left wing player or a dominant CF rather than a player who if OK at both. Jacks of all trades are good to have in a squad as a back-up but as a starting player I think we should have players who clearly excel at their position. Look at Vermealen he clearly excels at CD relative to LB so if it can be avoided he should not play at LB except in cases of emergency.

    • You're your own worst enemy Govinda with your tireless self-righteous ideas of how to run the football club successfully than the current regime.

      You were the same poster who said that we should only go for world class players a day or so earlier and yet can only name players who haven't really set the stage alight with their display in recent seasons. Take Higuain for instance, his goalscoring record in the last 3 seasons is pretty average to say the least. Jovetic who? What has this player done apart from 'doing Benteke' this season?

      Common Govinda, you can do better than that. Give us sumfink to whet our whistle and I don't mean 'average' mate.

    • Just for the record, Rikki. I did NOT have a go at Govinda. I only pointed out that both Higuain and the other Florentina chap whose name escapes me right now aren't an improvement on what we currently have.

      Real aren't a selling club and the fact that Higuain is being touted around by his agents should set alarm bells ringing. Why waste our limited resources on yet another average player, haven't we got our hands burnt already by not going all out for the top top quality players? Sadly I don't see Higuain and the Serb lad as the answer to our striking problems.

    • Willem, I really think you should be acquiring BOTH, plus a quality wide man. They seem affordable for you. Obviously you need a couple quality defenders two, but you really have nothing upfront (Walcott is the best you have!), and little in midfield nowadays other than an overused Wimpshere.

      There is a guy in your Dutch league who looks interesting, Dries Mertens. I dont know too much about him other than apparently his impressive scoring record the past two seasons has come from playing out wide. Plus he's from Belgium, and they are producing the players right now.


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      • Chris, I agree, nowadays if you want to compete for real trophies you need at least 2 quality strikers so both of these guys would be great but less likely as I think Wenger is too conservative and won't admit Giroud is not the type of striker a PL Champion would have as first or second choice. But then again Ade had one great year for us, difference being he had a much more talented squad to provide him with "easy" opportunities.

        As you say we also badly need a quality wide man because at the moment our left wing is non existing and our right wing is weak not in the least because Sagna always cuts in and then passes the ball back and never makes a run to the back line and Walcott is predictable and seems to only think about scoring rather than reaching the back line.

        Mertens is quality but perhaps a tat short for the PL at 169cm, although quality knows no height I guess. Personally I would not mind taking a punt on Strootman as replacement for Diaby. We need someone more mobile than Arteta. I think the only way we can go back to a 4-3-3 is by signing a real box to box defensive minded player and Arteta is not explosive enough for this. As long as Wenger feels we need to field 4 midfield players (Ramsey, Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshire) we will be too predictable going forward albeit more solid defending. So I think we should find a player who can merge Arteta and Ramsey's role. This would allow us to play more that just Walcott and Giroud upfront and hopefully a quality new wide man or worst case Ox or Podolski.

      • I like your thinking but I don't think the clubs board would sanction a 100 million spending spree, even though it needs it.
        Those two won't give you no change out of 50 million which would give you 50 million to spend on a keeper, Full back to replace Sagna if he leaves, Centre back to keep the three cabaleros on their toes, a holding midfielder to cover for Diaby and possibly another attack minded midfielder, just because Wenger likes these type players best!

        But I agree, lets buy both or at least players of that calibre or higher...

        If I had the purse strings I would be buying Isco plus one of the above.