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  • Radge2def Radge2def May 5, 2013 13:38 Flag

    The FASTEST goal of the EPL season......... Theo! Theo!! Theo!!!

    Think Govinda has a point. Wigan are masters of getting out of the s**t and can cause us a problem, although the way you have put it What? makes me feel a bit better about the tie. They do have 2 big games before they visit us, they are away from home and they also have some distinct defensive issues regarding injuries, so true as they could very well be a bit f***ed by the time they come visit. Hell maybe they will just throw away the FA cup for League survival? lol, doubt it but if i was Martinez I would be having a BIG headache trying to suss out what the best idea is for the next 3 games.

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    • I like Martinez and his football philosophy very much and would want his team to stay up in the division but I honestly can't see them avoiding relegation this season given where they are currently in the table and 4 teams above them with whom they are fighting relegation.

      Furthermore, Wigan will play 2 more games (vs Swans and Man City) by the time they come visiting the Emirates while have 10 free days to prepare for this tie, how unfair eh? We all know what happened the last time Arsenal had that amout of time to prepare a game, even the great Bayern side couldn't compete with us as we blew them away on their turf. At this stage of the season, injuries and suspensions also play a key role and as I said above, Wigan will be knackered when they play us while Arsenal have a very healthy squad to choose from.

      Moreso, Wigan have a pretty poor record against Arsenal - lost 9 out of their 10 visits to Arsenal. Even for the most blinkered Wigan fan out there, things aren't looking good as far as their fight to avoid the drop is concerned. Too little too late for them if you ask me.

    • Radge2def, with their damaging defeat tonight, it seems that Wigan will need an ALMIGHTY intervention to get themselves out of the s**t they got themselves into.

      I think they might have let themselves with too much to do now and I can't see them performing another Houdini act this season..

      They needed to win tonight at the DW Stadium in order to have any glimmer of hope to avoid the drop but lost 2-3 to Swansea City.