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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS May 6, 2013 14:13 Flag

    An interesting article about the plight of the club

    The thing that always makes me titter is that the Wenger hate mob always talk of 'selling our stars', as though Arsenal could have possibly kept the examples given of Fabregas and Van Persie and even Nasri.

    ALL those three WANTED to leave the club.

    Fabregas was linked to Barca for YEARS before the club finally gave up on him. Nasri wanted the BIG earner that ONLY the likes of City could offer, and RVP stated his move had nothing to do with money, because he was supposedly offered an extremely lucrative deal by Arsenal.

    How does that add up to Arsenal supposedly selling 'stars' for financial gain over on the field success?

    Should Arsenal have FORCED these guys to stay????

    Dear oh dear oh dear.

    Surely it is a reasonable assumption that IF these three players had actually been available to play a bit more often (at Arsenal), rather than layed out in the treatment room, Arsenal would have fared better during those years. Arsenal were never that far off the pace, after all and these 'stars' are a cut above the average Prem players.

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    • That's a fair point Fab and I don't think any reasonable fan would argue too long with that. Having said that it the reason that these players want to go that can not be ignored.

      Do you believe RVP would have left if we just won our 3rd PL title last season out of the last 9 years? Do you think Cesc would have been as eager too leave if we had done a double PL & CL and were considered the best team in Europe?

      Like it or not, agree on the reasons or not, our club has obviously gone into a conservative business model - maximize profits minimize debt -first and trophy ambition second, mode resulting in us likely not winning any real trophies (PL or CL) for a 10 year period. To me it this phenomena that makes it hard to hang on to players good enough to be either ambitious in a sporting sense or financially.

      Recruitment and player retention for top clubs who can both pay top salary and win trophies more often than not (Real, Man U, Chelsea, Barca, Bayern, Milan, City(?)) is a lot easier than for the rest of us. It takes most of us more than 10 years to get used to the fact that we no longer compete for trophies or for the best and highest paid players because of our wage structure. We, and I count myself amongst those, who want to win trophies have to leave the past the past and get used to the fact that that simply is not who we are any longer as a club. Sure freaks happen in the CL and some times smaller teams can win this cup, but more often than not the best teams are the one's fighting for the CL.

      Some times I even delude myself, hoping and dreaming that we some how will bring in the players who can carry us back to the top and when we, predictably don't bring in these players, and when we fail to sign proper replacement players for the the likes of Cesc and RVP etc, I get angry with Wenger.

      The club would do well and help fans like me, to stop coming out each season claiming to expect to win the PL. They would do me a favor by just saying: "fans we are going to aim to try to be the best of the rest because we can neither pay nor afford the best players making winning major trophies a very long shot."

      You didn't hear Spurs talking about winning or competing for the PL, neither should we.

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      • Arsenal, over the last two seasons,have just gone through a major change of playing staff Govinda. Is the squad now at the club good enough to win the Prem next season? Why not? This squad will not be finishing so far behind the big spending Chelsea and City,and this in a season where Arsenal began poorly (due to the relatively new squad surely?) further proof that money spent does not guarantee success?
        Wenger is more than capable of building not only good teams, but truly GREAT teams, and it is my belief that he had supplied Arsenal with a wonderful team, capable of winning the Prem during the barren years. I believe the most frustrating aspect of those years was the long term injuries sustained to KEY personnel. Those being, in the main, Van Persie (a TOP class striker) and Diaby ( whose to know what heights this guy could have reached? Wenger has always salivated over the guy), Fabregas was also out a fair bit and Eduardo (another wonderful player) suffered greatly. With the stadium move and MASSIVE debt, Arsenal were always going to have to tighten the purse strings, .Arsenal came extremely close to lifting the Prem, only for severe injuries to the squad to put an end to the challenge.

        As for the players desire to leave, I think it was an amalgamation of events. Barca produced arguably one of the greatest teams ever to have kicked a ball, a team Fabregas knew, his boyhood club, full of friends and countrymen. Fabregas was loyal to Arsenal for a long time but eventually the pull was too hard and yes, I believe he would have left for Barca even if Arsenal had won the Prem, as Ronaldo did with Real/United. After Fabregas left, the pull of money and yes, lack of silverware, lead to the departures of VP and Nasri (Song was very vocal about wanting to stay though I seem to recall).