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    An interesting article about the plight of the club


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    • Rikki the Tea Leaf hasn't a cogant thought in him, and The Baptist never changes. What do 2 a/holes together make?? So that you can pick them up like a six pack!!!!! Well that's what the boys at The Well Hung Gun reckon......Talking about #$%$' I just laughed it out of me........ha ha ha ! Oh dear...just a minute I've gotta wipe myself, and my eyes.....Ha ha ha ha!

    • Nothing that I and others haven't been saying for years.

      This however could be areal concern:-


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      • Yeah.....really concerned about what Stuart Robson thinks John.

        Crikey! I do hope Tony Cascarino isn't voicing similar opinions!!!

        (The mind boggles!)

      • The thing that always makes me titter is that the Wenger hate mob always talk of 'selling our stars', as though Arsenal could have possibly kept the examples given of Fabregas and Van Persie and even Nasri.

        ALL those three WANTED to leave the club.

        Fabregas was linked to Barca for YEARS before the club finally gave up on him. Nasri wanted the BIG earner that ONLY the likes of City could offer, and RVP stated his move had nothing to do with money, because he was supposedly offered an extremely lucrative deal by Arsenal.

        How does that add up to Arsenal supposedly selling 'stars' for financial gain over on the field success?

        Should Arsenal have FORCED these guys to stay????

        Dear oh dear oh dear.

        Surely it is a reasonable assumption that IF these three players had actually been available to play a bit more often (at Arsenal), rather than layed out in the treatment room, Arsenal would have fared better during those years. Arsenal were never that far off the pace, after all and these 'stars' are a cut above the average Prem players.

      • Just about the sort of things I expect from the sad qunt Stewart Robson, John.

        He's being waging his personal war of attrition against the club ever since he lost his lucrative Arsenal TV punditry job. ;-)