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    The remarkable turnaround at Chelsea proves...

    ...it can be done with shrewd acquisitions (not necessarily world class players as many have suggested on here but very good footballers) in players .

    Not so long ago, many of us (myself included) on this board mocked Chelsea fans for having a squad full of OAPs that need urgent vast investment in players before they can seriously compete for top honours again. It's interesting that Chelsea now have a talented squad to be jealous of. The way Chelsea have gone about their business in the transfer market recently by completing the signing of Demba Ba, Ramires, Moses, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Oscar, etc, proved that there's definately value in the market if a club have competent scouting network in place and the scouts actually bothered to study potential targets before the targets are recommended for the manager. Chelsea have bought well in the market despite the upheaval and laughable managerial merry-go-round at the club in recent whilst Arsenal continue to speculate and waste money on cheap £8 -12m players who may never come good for the club. Is there a lesson to be learned from Chelsea here?

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    • Err, Oscar £25m, Mata £24m,Hazard £32m, Ramires £20m, Torres £50m ...

      When Benitez came they were 4 points behind United, now it's 17. Some turnaround.

    • I think the lessons we can learn are that a talented squad without a stable managerial situation can still struggle. In a way results = Squad quality x Manager Quality . I think we can also learn or deduce that it might might be better to spend £20-30 on one player each summer but carefully put together a good squad than to spend that same money on 4 hopefuls. Mind you Cahill and Demba Ba where single digit purchase. Cahill cost £7.0 million.

      Mata, Oscar and Hazzard all cost in the 20-30 range.

      For Arsenal I rather buy 2 players for £20 mill this summer than 4 for £10 mill.

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      • 'For Arsenal I rather buy 2 players for £20 mill this summer than 4 for £10 mill.'

        Only a real idiot would judge a player on his transfer fee.

        'In a way results = Squad quality x Manager Quality'

        Hmmm.....shouldn't that at least be a 'plus' sign instead of multiplication?

      • Once again, very well put Govinda.

        I totally agree with your post.

        I hope for the sake of the long-suffering fans that there's a significant shift in mindset on how we work the transfer market among power brokers at the club in the forthcoming closed season. I also hope that the risk-averse Yank owner realises that it's actually in his best interest for the club to succeed on the pitch, and get rid of the current strategy of looking for the cheapest deals we can get in the market rather than purchasing players who are fit for purpose.

    • ^ * in recent seasons *