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  • Govinda Govinda May 6, 2013 13:12 Flag

    Chelsea vs Spurs.

    It looks to me that should Chelsea win this Wednesday that we might be able to grab 4th with only 4 points out of our last 2 games, unless I am mistaken (Mondays are not my best days?. Should Spurs win than 6 points out of our last 2 games likely won't be enough.

    Let's go Chelsea!!!!!!!

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    • I think the biggest incentive for Chelsea is they know that beating Spurs midweek will guarantee CL football at the Bridge next season. I'm pretty sure that Chelsea will give it all their best as they won't want to go into the last 2 games and their Europa Cup final with CL qualification worries still on their mind.

      A Chelsea win looks more likely and with it a top 3 finish for them which is damaging for Arsenal in the long-run due to the disruptive nature to the new season (i.e.preparing for and playing extra CL qualifying round matches when we should be focusing on the new campaign which effectively put whichever team grabs 4th at a slight disadvantage to the rest in the domestic league).

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      • NOt looking forward to this.
        What? you've pretty much summed it up again. I think Chelsea will (at least should) push for a Guaranteed CL spot tonight considering their remaining games and the Europa Final coming. Fingers crossed that happens so we get a wee breather, however its not beyond Spurs to beat Chelsea, especially if Bale keeps doing what he does. Hes bloody impressing yet annoying me on a similar level.
        This is all too close to call and my nails are non existant. I didnt expect Chelsea to beat Utd last weekend, so a similar role reversal could happen with Spurs tonight. Not cool. If Spurs win I think we can kiss CL footy goodbye.