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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 7, 2013 13:56 Flag

    RVP: 'Nice to be Amongst WINNERS'....

    .....after 8 drab years amongst mediocre #$%$

    You have to take your hat off to the guy, he gave FARCENAL 8 LONG years, scored countless wonderful goals and led the team like a true leader, and whilst all the others jumped ship year after year well before their primes, he waited until he was the last star player left at what had now descended into a feeder club.

    He PLEADED with Wenger to sign quality, and after wrinkly old Prune Face REFUSED, he proved money wasn't his priority as he rejected a much larger offer from #$%$ instead listening to the little boy inside of him, joining the 'club of his dreams'.

    You'd have to pretty bitter and full of hate to have a problem with all that now wouldn't you!

    Fact is, he's been vindicated. Read on sheeple....

    "From day one at United I was almost certain we'd win trophies - not in a couple of years but this year. I saw the players training, I saw the way they behaved, the way they lived, their mentality, the way the staff worked, the way the manager and staff acted. When all those elements combine you end up with a team of champions," Van Persie said.

    Obviously used to something a little less 'awe inspiring' at FARCENAL?!

    "As a youth player I was used to winning trophies, right through from Under-12s to Under-18s. We won the UEFA Cup at Feyenoord three months after I started and I remember thinking 'OK, this will happen every year'. I won the Dutch Cup the next year but I've realised since then that it's not that simple," the Ducth international added.

    "I've had to wait a LONG time to be a champion and it's even nicer than I thought, it tastes lovely. I feel like I'm floating on a cloud. This is the feeling you dream of. Everything is about lifting the trophy," former Arsenal skipper concluded.

    RVP = CHAMP20N!!!

    We know the feeling Robin....WELCOME!!

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