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  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2013 09:25 Flag

    Fergie retiring -- official confirmation by the club. (Breaking News!!)

    No comment....

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    • I guess turning up for the first game of next season in a wheelchair didn't appeal to him.

    • Most certainly, their next manager will not get the unbelievable amount of dodgy decisions Man U get in a season currently, which is great news for the rest.

      Fergie retiring sort of level things up as we would be able to see which team finish first (on merit) rather than who gets the most dodgy decisions in their favour.

      Would Chelsea who were on top of the table be in the same boat as Spurs and Arsenal now if Clattenburg did NOT heavily influence the Chelsea v Man U encounter at the start of the season by sending off 2 Chelsea players and gifting them an offside goal?

      Can't wait for the start of new season....can't wait!!!!

    • Just thought this was a cracker of an article!

    • A loss for the PL and the world of football. No doubt the most successful and driven manager of his time. This will test the Man U organization and it will be interesting to see who they pick as successor and how long it takes to deal with the transition.

      I think Moyes would do a good job and is a class act. In fact i had hoped Moyes would come to Arsenal. Clearly, and as Radge says, Moureen would have instant impact but I think for a club like Man U he might be too high a risk since often he sees himself bigger than the club and never seems to last for more than a few seasons.

      Moureen would be perfect for Chelsea and almost guarantee them a PL title upon his return IMO. And at Chelsea getting a manager that last 2 seasons would feel like an eternity whilst at Man U two seasons would feel like a pre-season.

    • Really didnt expect that. Thought he would hang on for a bit longer. I have plenty respect for the man, hes done a great job, and is easily one of the best managers ever to have graced the sport but cant say im unhappy about seeing him leave! :) Now that he has gone the Mourinho rumours do actually hold some water!! Thought Moyes would be a shoe-in but it was mostly about timing, plus as much as I reckon moyes can do a good job there I think it will take him a season or two to really make his impact, where as we all know Mourinho can do that...almost instantly. Will be interesting to see who the replacement will be.