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    CL qualification permutations for Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs

    All 3 teams now have 2 games remaining.

    Chelsea, currently on 69 points. Their 2 remaining matches are Villa (a) and Everton (h) and only need 3 points out of their games to guarantee a place in the top 4.

    Spurs are on 66 points and have Stoke (a) and Sunderland (h) as their last 2 remaining games. Spurs are now in a very precarious situation whereby even if they take maximum points from their last 2 games, it may not be enough for them to qualify for CL due to their inferior goals difference.

    Arsenal are on 67 points, our last 2 fixtures are Wigan (h) and Newcastle (a). So long Arsenal win their games, whatever Spurs do will not matter to guarantee CL participation next season.

    It's now in Chelsea's and Arsenal's hands.

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    • It is nice to be back in control of our own destiny but as you probably agree with this Arsenal it is hard to be confident of their ability win when in a favorites or pressure position and the Wigan game will be a real test. Lets hope for an other quick goal.

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      • Chelsea play Villa on the 11th and the Spuds play Stoke on the 12th, so when we play Wigan on the 14th we will know exactly where we stand going in to the last game against Newcastle.

        If Spuds drop points against Stoke then we will only need 3pts to be certain of 4th because of our superior goal difference.

        If Chelsea drop points and only pick up 4pts from 6 and we pick up all 6 pts then its all about goal difference for 3rd.

        Nerve racking but great for the neutrals.

        I just Hope Moyes and Everton want to go out on a winning note, I can honestly see a draw in that game!

        If Sunderland loose to Soton, then the last game against Spuds will be a do or die game for them, so I'm hoping that Soton turn them over!

        Newcastle play QPR on the 12th so if they beat them then Newcastle are safe on 41pts so the last game of the season against Arsenal wont be nothing for them to worry about, but if they drop points against QPR then the last game of the season will be a fight for survival and we may not get things our own way.

        On paper we should walk these games, but I can't remember the last time football was played on paper.

        Keep the faith and BELIEVE!!!!!