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  • Raider Raider May 9, 2013 11:07 Flag

    Dream Team

    All this week I have read nothing but gossip about this player or that player being associated with Arsenal this summer and to top it all the press have even got on the back of a story about Cesc returning.

    It's got to a stage where I'm even dreaming about the possibilty of these players coming to Arsenal and the wife thinks I have lost the plot.

    She says normal blokes dream of women and fast cars, but I guess she just doesn't know what it is to support your club.

    So tonight whilst she's dreaming of Brad Pit and who ever else women dream of, I will be dreaming of Wenger going shopping and buying Jovetic, Lewandowski, Cesc, Isco, Capoue, Hummels, Abate and Valdes.

    I know, I know, dream on!

    If he buys just two of those names I would be happy.......

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    • ' So tonight whilst she's dreaming of Brad Pit and who ever else women dream of'

      They ALL dream about Fab.

      One does tire of all the attention I tell thee.

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      • Just when I thought that you couldn't get more ridiculous...

        " They ALL dream about Fab "...do you mean women...?.

        ...only if they have night terrors about an ineffectual, irrational, illogical, irritating, immature, socialy inept attention junkie with a narcissistic personality disorder.....who gets his kicks out of spamming message boards with "flaming" posts...and attracting negative comments...

        ...yeah...what a hero you are....I suspect you're the one who is politely avoided in your local...by both genders... and especially when the footie is on...

        ...the only poster who even comes close to your level of need is your supporter "Jimmy"...who also purports to being a football enthusiast...but who ...like you...is just plain bonkers...

        ..no need for you to reply...after all....you didn't, when I asked your opinion on Walcott's offside goal...

        ..see you around sometime....maybe you'll vist "Jimmy" and send a pic of you both in the "Well Hung Gun"...I'll bet you two look good together...take good care... :)

    • Im with ya. I wont get too excited but obviously with all this talk about turning the corner finally, and the new kit deal etc, I am really hoping for a shift in how we operate. Problme is say Wenger did push the boat out and actually brought in someone like Jovetic or Isco and paid 20+mill for them...My excitement may get the better of me :)
      I believe we have turned the corner!! and I will believe until...August :) by then at least I will know if a change has arrived.