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  • A lot of noise. No matter how hard he tries, its not going to make any difference. IMO he already has two problems. Rooney for one(if I'm any judge, he would have been #$%$ off with Van Persie being in the limelight), and the pensioners for the other. He's got to do what Wenger has been so good at. Building a side that can compete. Because lets face it, Utd. haven't been top notch for a long while now, and only Ferguson kept them going. Will they perform the same for him? Not in my opinion. Oh I forgot. Does he play the Dutchman? Not in Moyes style, and I cant see him lasting. Ferguson going would have made him a bit skittish I think. He wont be running over to cuddle Moyes! Its going to be one hell of an interesting season coming up. Remy for Arsenal anyone?

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