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  • Inter city Inter city May 11, 2013 20:50 Flag

    Well done WIGAN ATHLETIC........... 2013 FA CUP WINNERS!!!

    Birmingham were already in the Championship when they beat you I thought?
    You are correct on one thing anyway, United should have won the title last season, they threw it away uncharacteristically. Not this time, even with their best striker misfiring for 1/4 of the season.
    City are proof that spending excessively guarantees nothing, if you didnt learn that from Abramovich.
    So there goes one of your excuses gooners.
    I hope Mancini stays, hes the only manager close to as overrated as Wenger.

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    • What excuse is that?
      I dont believe Wigan are relegated, after this performance Im more worried about them than I already had been. Just goes to show they have huge amounts of guts, and well if they cost us a CL spot and get to stay up by managing to beat us at home...they damn well deserve it!

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      • Wigan can still avoid the drop mathematically despite being in the relegation zone as they still have 6 points to play for.

        What I meant to say is, "They could yet end the season winning the FA Cup and suffering the ignominy of relegation from the Premier League."

        Most definitely they will be up for it against us, and we need to raise our game to stand a chance of getting the 3 points at stake.

    • "Birmingham were already in the Championship when they beat you I thought?"