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  • JamesB JamesB May 11, 2013 22:06 Flag

    Erik's read this....

    .????????? Anyone smell well stained underpants on here, now that The Snozzle Ferguson has been shown the door, and they are praying for Ronaldo to come rescue them. Not on your life he's not. Just a load of Mancky dreams. You actually think he will come and play under a "'HOOF IT UP THE PARK IF YOU'RE IN TROUBLE'" COACH LIKE MOYES . Dream on half wits. Face it. Your in trouble. .MOYES Who??.

    AND IT GETS RIGHT UP HIS (I WAS GOING TO SAY, NOSE) ring piece. Oh! I forgot. HIC !!!!!!!!! ERIK WITH A "K"???..... YEH AND I'M MICKEY MOUSE...

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    • You really need to get over your infatuation of me, Gilly. !

      Oh, and as the urban dictionary explains: Erik is

      The heterosexual way of spelling the name Eric. The name implies many meanings:
      -awesome beyond comparison (adj.)
      -stunningly handsome and suave (adj.)
      -able to attract large numbers of women without using any effort (verb)
      -able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)

      All true in my case.

      The same dictionary says Gilly means:
      -washed out
      -no dress sense and thinks a comb over shows class

      All true in your case.