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    That's what Wenger has spent on players since Arsenal last won anything!


    Money well spent?

    Me no tink sew!

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    • no obviously not, yet pretty reasonable expenditure considering its been over a period of 8 years. Any other club be able to spend as little and consistently stay in the Cl spots?

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      • its fair enough spending little, but why do u charge your fans so much?


        why is wenger on so much? why is your wage bill so high?

      • In what way do you think Chelsea are at our level? I am sure you don't mean trophies won since the Russian became the new owner? Also I think Arsenal are sitting on cash reserves of over 100 million pounds. I don't think we know what has been going on at the club but year after year they have come out and said that there was money available to Wenger to buy players yet often our net spend was negative or minimal. If their plan was not to win anything for 10 year, and they won't, they should have done a better job selling this plan to the fans.

    • I hope Moyes is given a few seasons to really assert himself on the team, but 2-3 seasons no trophies and finishing 4th more than once during any time is only going to leave us one option - the sack.
      Wenger has done an appalling job the past 8 years, It is lucky for him his clubs fans are unambitious idiots who think as their told.

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      • Yer both having a laugh.

        I have questioned Wenger many times over the past 5 or 6 years. Regarding his buys in the transfer market, his formations/tactics, the lack of defensive improvement since 2006 (but which is finally looking much more convincing since the New Year). I have questioned much and yet there are perfectly logical debates for and against Wenger regarding these issues.

        To not take into the pros and the cons of Wengers choices and to not take into account the details and the ideas that have been coming out of Arsenal since the new stadium build is just purely anti debate, deliberately being obtuse, blind or lacking thought on the matter at hand. You may choose to view things on the negative, I choose to view things on the positive (for obvious reasons respectively) yet its painfully obvious that Wenger has not been "appalling" over the past 8 years, and its neither here nor there as to whether the Board are shafting the fans.

        To know whether the Board are shafting the fans we have to wait another 2 years (based on what they originally asked for, 10 years) before we can finally have solid proof of this, and yet we may even see a change this summer!? Im not holding my breathe though. Until the start of the 2015/16 season then nothing you say or I say as to how things are going to be is fact because the date originally asked for has not been met. I choose to believe Arsenal are working towards something bigger and better because well the only solid bit of information that I can use for that belief is what we have been told by the Club as a whole. Using anything else as a base of information is a perfectly valid point for debate, but is FAAAR from fact or truth so dont try to make it out as.

        After all that I must admit I dont see what the rush is for success adn trophies? Whats the problem in having gone 8 years without one? Lets face it ALL our teams have gone through longer periods of time without a trophy, and all your teams have gone through worse periods than Arsenal considering you have all been relegated at some point...some more than once!

    • That's a hell of a lot of money to spend over an 8 year period but how much has he returned to the club in sales?

      I think the biggest problem for Arsenal has been balancing the books whilst they paid off the stadium.

      IF the club is still no better off in 2 years time I will hold my hands up and say you are all right, Wenger has done a #$%$ job and the board have been no better.

      However, if we start to challenge for trophies again and the squad is full of quality players as of old then the clubs game plan has been a success.

      The club wanted a new stadium to attract more supporters, increase the brand name to attract sponsors but without putting the club at financial risk, only time will tell if they got it right.

      If the Arabs, Yanks and Russians pulled out of the big 3 tomorrow could they stand on their own two feet, I suspect only Utd could!

      The club has made scarifices over the last 8 years and none more then the supporters but for most of us who have supported them for the last 40 odd years we have seen an approach that has safeguarded the future of the club and not many teams in the world can say they are a safe business with no real debts and can still play in the games biggest competitions.

      All Arsenal now need is a little bit more quality up front and through the spine and we are back in the game.