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    Rooney's 2nd transfer request raises some wider questions.

    How often have we been told that the reason Arsenal can't seem to keep their star players is simply because of our trophy-drought.

    Having just won the title this season with Man U, reading that Rooney has requested a transfer away from Man U got me thinking that maybe it isn't lack of trophies why players want to move but something else.

    I'd be very surprised if Rooney hasn't received wage offers higher than his current rate at OT and would be doubly surprised if Rooney joins a club who pay less than Man U, which led me to believe that maybe the main reason why these players move is financial and nothing to do with trophies per se.

    I think Rooney has probably played his last game for Man U and he can't see him at the club at the beginning of new season given his latest *Get Me Out here* 5henanigan. Also I'm pretty certain that a certain 'Robin' must have passed his soon-to-be ex- team-mate tips about how to force your way out of a club.

    The forthcoming closed season transfer window is now looking more and more interesting even before the season ends, not with the players of Rooney's calibre now up for grabs to the highest bidders /payers. Surely Wenger must have SOME change to plunder on a talent they called The SHREK.


    See yer at the comments lads!

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    • i am a spurs supporter so you will thast this comment is honest....do you really want this overgrown egotistical sulky schoolboy.who seems to have gone downhill at the emirates .....where you play good football......i think it would be bad for you...

    • I think you are wrong. I think some players move for money and some players move for glory or trophies.

    • Nah you're alright. I dont want to see him at Emirates. Hell maybe he just does need a change and could find some form again with new inspiration elswhere, yet We certainly wont pay his required wages and frankly how he has been playing in recent seasons suggests to me that I would prefer to see someone else play are arsenal instead of him.

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      • "I dont want to see him at Emirates."

        Neither do I. The 'emirates' remark is just a #$%$-take as Arsenal clearly can't afford his current ludicrous wages as you rightly stated given our financial constraints.

        Additionally, this is Rooney's SECOND transfer request, the first when he was the top dog and regular first team player at OT, therefore any comment about Rooney being motivated to move because of his lesser role at OT is utter tosh. It is MONEY, and I'm sure he must have been promised more elsewhere.

      • In my view Rooney is very well aware he has scored very few goals in the last 4 seasons. He is also aware he is not as fast as he was 5 or more years ago and that his positioning and defense unlocking movement has been grossly erratic. There is no doubt in his mind that Berbatov (who failed too) and now Robin were brought in for the sole reason to strengthen the side because of his limited contribution to match winning and because of his volatile behavior.
        And yet his management of his wage packet has so far been perfect, but disproportional to his capability, making him the richest player in the UK. He would have been better off concentrating on the management of his ability on the field, by working harder in the training ground and by ensuring he is monitoring and controlling his performance to improve himself and to justify his salary.
        The bitter realization now that he is only 27 years old is that his popularity is declining because his form is taking a nose dive, while his weight is going up and his club no longer relies on him or no longer would stop him from living. His bargaining position is weaker now than in previous instances. And the irony is that his wage packet which is his personal trophy, and his ego,are now obstacles in moving on in football or in any other field in life.
        The sad moral of the story is that we the fans of the "beautiful game" have lost our thrill to commercialism and to so many mercenary footballers, people like Rooney, who take our money and give us a kick in the teeth! Let us hope for his own sake that he had made enough money to last him for the next 70 or so many years of his life. Somehow, I feel I have started to read the beginning of another sad story similar to stories on other past footballers, I read before.
        He still has a chance to change at ManU or elsewhere if Arsenal decide to offer him a life line!