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  • JamesB JamesB May 12, 2013 21:03 Flag


    ...its been a hoot on here, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I mean. What can you say about characters like Butch, Erik, and Prune??? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You couldn't read about them. Just watching them wriggle, and squirm their way around these boards, pontificating, and pretending they are Manchester United supporters, is risible, and can only be applauded for their ability to never understand, that there are only two things infinite in this world. The Universe, and human stupidity. The three of them would sit well in a Shakespeare play 'Julius Caesar', with Butch as Brutus. As for my own stories. Well you can either take them with a pinch of salt, or believe them. I would prefer the latter. But then again, you will never know, now will you. It's been educational, any old way. Long life to Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and the Greatest Football Club in the World. Ferguson and Manchester United have been just a spit, in Arsenal's ocean. In comparison. And I think FAB ON GRASS might agree.

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