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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 14, 2013 14:29 Flag

    Jack WIMPSHERE...

    Good post Raider. Can I just ask, are you simple? No offence mate, you just sound a bit, you know...slow!

    Comparing a 34 year old defender with a back problem (who is managed through rest, not injections) with a 21 year old who DESPITE being out for a YEAR is still brought back and put on painkilling injections to get through games, is a bit daft dont you think?

    If you're simple I apologise, because its not your fault.

    The point that you and a couple other of the USUAL sheep missed is, why is he used at all, when he should be allowed to COMPLETELY recover? Could that be why you have such a shocking history with injuries? Its sad I have to point this stuff out to you still, but same old same old here!

    How's Diaby by the way? Notice how RVP didn't get ONE injury at United?!

    Pure coincidence Im sure!

    Yes everyone has injuries, how DARE I assert that Wenger could do ANYTHING wrong!


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    • Has everyone else noticed that RVP has bulked up a small amount since he went to Utd?

      Maybe that's the reason why he didn't get injured this year...but then he didn't get injured last year either.

      I know. He's been knicking Rooney's left over Big Mac's...that's why Rooney's leaving!


    • Le Prune, you really are a piece of work mate. You come on an Arsenal board to try and stick the key in and wind people up with your blinkered view through Manc tinted glasses..

      I think it really is a question of the pot calling the kettle black regarding anyone being slow.
      Everybody else saw the point I made about the fact that all teams key players get injured, but not you!. Why is that?

      The point you are making suggests that every other clubs medical team are a bunch of quacks and only Utd can manage injuries.

      Do you think clubs employ surgeons or something, obviously not. psml
      When a player who is worth a fortune gets injured, the clubs all consult with the very best specialists around and that's world wide.

      The clubs simply work on the rehabilitation of the player and get him back to match fitness ASAP, but even an idiot can see that no manager or club would bring a player back prematurely if he thought the player was going to break down during a game!
      To what end?

      Are you telling me that if Utd was in a CL final and Rio needed a pain killer injection Fergwood wouldn't give it to him to get him through the game, of course he would.

      Bye the way, congratulations on winning the league this season, it appears all the hard work Arsenal put in to getting RVP fit and match ready last year paid off for you!

    • Pruneau: There are MANY players in all teams that occasionally play with pain yet have a treatment of injections to cope, specifically connected to a certain time of the season when games or results are of utmost importance.

      Wilshere came back from injury without a problem. Played 10 or so games, typically got kicked alot and got inured again for a month. He came back and it seems he has acquired a new pain due to a pin in his foot (something that was not there before otherwise he wouldnt have come back) Seeing as there were only a few weeks left of the season they must have talked through the issue and had it checked for how serious it was and decided that injections till the end of the season would be suitable considering his importance to our squad. His playing time has since been limited and he can have a proper rest in the summer once the madness is finished.

      Do you think arsenal bring their players back too soon? I think we may have been guilty of it about 4 or so seasons ago, but in just the same way that other teams have been just a guilty of doing it themselves.

      How bad has our injury record been over the past 2 seasons...um not really worse than anyone elses, vastly improved in fact! Wenger these days usually waits a little bit longer than recommended. But you wouldnt have noticed that because you arent a Gunner.

      RVP has been injury free (bar I think about 3 weeks) for 2.5 seasons now? Yes he has been injury free longer at Arsenal than he has spent at Utd!!

      You're gonna try and blame Diaby on Arsenal? LOL. biggest lol. The guy is made of glass quite obviously.

      Its not about Raider being slow, its not about you accusing Wenger of doing something wrong its about you picking up on ANYTHING you can find regardless of how big or small, regardless of how factual or not it is, all as a way of having a pop at us Arsenal fans on here, purely because you're a windup merchant.

      Its not us pal, its blatantly you!

    • Writes Chris.....CLEARLY WOUND UP to the MAX!

      You just got OWNED again, did you not Chrissy???