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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 14, 2013 08:09 Flag

    Jack WIMPSHERE...

    Looks like your infamous medical team have been at it again!

    21 years old, misses a WHOLE season through injury and wrinkly old Prune Face reveals that "at the moment Jack plays with painkillers and I use him only when it is really needed"


    But mostly inexcusable.

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    • No Chris, I think you see that wrong. We are just unlucky. The medical team is top class, perhaps Wenger occasionally rushes players back a bit too early but with his 500 years of experience I don't think we should question that calculated risk. In the big picture what is wrong with using an unfit player only when he is needed. It is not like we make him play in pain, we are not stupid. Besides with the quality of our bench, normally our fit players are better than our unfit players?

      I think the source of our problem is not the medical team or impatient Wenger, but the lack of protection we get from the referee.

    • lol love how you put the blame back on to the Club in some manner.

      Inexcusable that a player can be injured for such a long time or inexcusable that Wilshere plays on pain killers?

      The former is a nonsense comment, the latter is valid if only it wasnt a common situation employed by all clubs during the course of a season at some point especially when it comes to key players.

      Did you read the bit that Wenger said it is a MINOR operation to take out a pin? So minor that he should only be out for a few weeks!? Not really a big deal on the face of it. But youre happy to ignore that comment as it doesnt sit with your own angle preference.