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  • Raider Raider May 15, 2013 11:27 Flag

    How would Higuain change the team?

    If you believe the gossip it would appear that apart from, Valdes, Jovetic, Gonalons we are also looking to bring in Higuain from Real Madrid.

    On the face of it it looks like we are trying to attract proven goal scorers from top clubs but the word has it that should Arsenal not achieve CL status for next season he is prepared to go to Spuds Town.

    I suggest if this rumour has some substance then he should do his homework on the club before he mentions Spuds again or he wont do himself any favours.

    He sounds like the tonic Arsenal need but these are just rumours so in all probability nothing will come of it, but it would be nice if it did!

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    • PS I think CL qualification is double edge sword in that many players won't want to come to teams which don't offer CL football. Rumors had it that Jovetic sing a pre-contract with us which was also dependent on us qualifying for CL football. This phenomena means the CL teams have a better chance of staying in the CL. For this reason I agree with Wenger that qualifying top 3 ranks immediately behind winning the PL or CL and ahead of the FA cup or any other cup in terms of objectives.

    • I like the idea of Higuan coming to Arsenal for much the same reason Radge does below; ie He has solid stats playing for a big club in a top league. Of course this does not mean he will succeed in the PL but it is an important indication. It also shows IMO an new level of intent from Wenger or it signals the time we would try to find bargains like Chamakh or Giroud is over and now we can be a bit more ambitious.

      Ultimately I would like us to have 3 strikers, Higuan, an other new one and Giroud but if we start with Higuan I will be happy.

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      • Although that we need more quality, I would be worried about bringing in two new forwards in the summer unless we got rid of one of current first teamers. Eg: Walcott, Pod or Giroud.
        Two more forwards would almost certainly limit Ox's already limited time on the pitch, and frankly I want to see more of him next season. Not only that but either Walcott or Podolski would be pushed to the side and although neither of them have been amazing, Walcott has improved every season and just seems to be getting better and better (slowly). Podolski well he our only real LW option other than Cazorla so unless Higuain and Jovetic could play there his chances would be limited too. It would not be very condusive for team harmony which i think is a big key to winning silverwear

    • Raider, we have been linked with Benteke.

      Higuain has been around for ages and he seems like a player who is inconsistent which isn't what Arsenal need currently, what we need is a player who can deliver consistently in order to challenge for honours in the coming seasons. Given the choice between Higuain and Benteke, I would prefer the latter for the simple fact that he's played in the league and now knows what the Premier League is all about unlike Higuain who may not enjoy the physical nature of the EPL. Yes, Benteke is a one-hit wonder, still has alot to prove and there are chances that he may flop next season but I think Benteke is a risk worth taking (imo) if Villa are willing to sell. I've seen enough from Benteke this season to show that he may succeed.

      Additionally, I read an article which quoted a former Juve manager stating that they shouldn't sign Higuain because he isn't 'a champion', basically meaning that he lacks steel and grit, I think we have enough of players like that in our squad who we are still trying to get rid of.

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      • I certainly wouldn't say know to Benteke, but the board might say no to the price tag.
        Players tend to be over priced in the PL and the board might see things differently, but i really like the boy, he has a strikers instinct.
        1 more season like he has had and the value goes right up, so do we get in quick?

        There has also been talk of Bony too!

      • Benteke has been consistent and does not need to find his feet in the PL which I think would really help settle him into Arsenal however, Iam always concerned about buying a player because the have had 1 good season.
        Looking at stats Higuain is much more worthy of a striker role. Goal and assists have been very impressive from an early age. Hes not far off a goal every second game and has scored more than 20 in La Liga on more than 2 occasions. He looks a much better prospect on paper than Benteke, but how will he adapt to life in the UK?