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  • Radge2def Radge2def May 16, 2013 16:42 Flag

    Waste of time

    Well said Hemloche, Ive seen Arsenal play only 3 times, yet I used to live 2 miles from Highbury, but could never afford to watch regular. THis board certainly should be about chatting footy rather than immature banter and insults but hey ho...its like the war of the last word.. ultimately drivel. Feel free to discuss stuff with me if you want. I would appreciate some decent debate.

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    • Three people have brought this site down to where it is today. One left ages ago. One pops up with a new ID now and again, and one keeps banging the same old drum, week after week after week.

      Nobody cares though. I have simply told him this in an effort to try and help him move on.

      I don't hold out much hope though. Not according to this thread at least anyway.

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      • Utter tripe from you once again John. You began being abusive all those years ago. You continue being abusive or does your constant referral to others and label long them as 'sheep' not count in your book?

        Also, after your recent absence (and mine), who was it that referred to the other in a derogatory manner first I wonder?

        You have bullied Slayer, since before I ever posted upon this board, along with your little band of Wenger haters.

        I do hope Arsenal qualify, after possibly the toughest season under Wenger. Not least because I know you and your bully boy brigade will be squirming in your seats!

        Posters like Rikki are just stupid.

        You are a nasty and extremely sly individual.

        Much love.

    • I agree Radge, Hemloch and John, let's try to stick to Arsenal topics and ignore the petty private wars and inappropriate sexual references. I have had good football exchanges with radge lately, Hemloch has been around for a while and I can vouch that John is not one of those who ruins that board and have had many good exchanges with him. As to Fabongras all you have to do is compare the number of posts he puts on here that actually express his view on football compared to all his posts that exclusively or predominately involve personal wars with imagined "adversaries" steeped in homophobic drivel and you will realize why he posts on this forum and it is not for football reasons. The ignore button was quite useful in his case.

    • Sincerely sorry you have witnessed the 'immature banter' Radge.

      All I will say in my defence is that I have always and without exception, treated other posters on this board as they have me and have never been abusive in any way to a supposed Arsenal 'supporter' on the Arsenal board before they have been abusive towards me.

      Believe what you will, but that is the truth of it.

      Some here just don't like those who either support Wenger, or take exception to the Man United supporters that have plagued this board for many a year.