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  • Govinda Govinda May 17, 2013 08:05 Flag

    Waste of time

    How did I launch into that? I have no private war with you. You seems to jump on each and every post of mine with some preconceived ideas and with vile sexual innuendo's never able to respond to the points or views I try to express in a respectful manner.

    To avoid an argument about who started what and when, I invite you to join me in drawing a line under what ever difference we might believe we had and going forward to only respond to each others football posts and in a respectful way, I will not brand you a Wenger knows best person and you will not brand me a Wenger hater (I don't hate the man at all, he might frustrate me at times and I might not think he has run the club the way I liked and might not think he has an automatic job for life with Arsenal no matter what the results, but I respect him and hope he will lead us back to a PL or CL title) not will you claim that I hope we lose or don't qualify for CL football because non of that is true.

    And by the way Riki is not my friend and I do wonder why there are fans from other clubs spending so much time on here expressing their hatred for our club and there hope for our failure but that does not make them my enemy either and if that is what they want to do, time has thought us they will not go away. And some actually contribute to debate in a positive way.

    This board used to be more fun and now there are only a few I can have an interesting exchange with so if I can add you to that list as a fellow Arsenal supporter than that is a win for me even if we were to respectfully disagree most of the time. For me enjoyment does not lie in agreeing or in being right or wrong but in a nice exchange of views.

    Radge recently made me reconsider my disinterest in the hypothetical return of Cesc and I now might be more open to his return (which won't happen). He still is more bullish on Giroud than I am so every time I see Giroud play I try to see what Radge sees. Some time you agree, some times you don't and some times you change your mind. But if Giroud misses a penalty I won't come on here and label him a Giroud lover because to me it is a presupposition that all Arsenal fans want to see our players do well onc on the pitch. And that all Arsenal fans at one time or an other get frustrated with players (they might like) who play poorly for a game or a while.