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  • John John May 15, 2013 19:28 Flag

    Waste of time

    Since the board changed format, I can see everyone's posts. That's right Fab, I can see yours too.

    What you don't seem to understand is that I don't honestly care what you post. Nothing you have to say is of any interest to me. It's so simple even you could understand that.

    Please do continue to do your best to try and maintain the one 'friend' you may have around here by responding to my every post. And when that fails, mention my name in every other post you put up too. It does nothing but let everyone know just how desperate you are.

    In the meantime, please do continue to allow yourself to be ridiculed by everyone else. It makes a change from Ducati being the butt of all the jokes.

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    • I have to agree with you John for the most part except for the fact the message board only became a waste of time since Yahoo updated it. These boards have long been a waste of time. From the "ManU" windup merchants to Fabby and & Ducati. They all need to find a new outlet for their private little war and leave the message board so we can actually talk about the lads in Red and White instead of oh you don't go to the matches or never been to Emirates war. Well for some of us, it's because of monetary constraints which shouldn't diminish our love for Arsenal or make us any less of a fan than the next person. For others it's because they aren't even supporters even though they claim to be. I don't know about you but I find it just a fun going to my local Arsenal Friendly pub and watching the match, having good beer ($3 breckenridge on draft) and some of the best hamburgers for breakfast and cheering on the lads to victory with the Charm City Gooners and the President of Arsenal America. So to hell with Pixie, Chrissy-Wissy, Butch, Ducati and the rest of the idiocracy on here.

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      • Well said Hemloche, Ive seen Arsenal play only 3 times, yet I used to live 2 miles from Highbury, but could never afford to watch regular. THis board certainly should be about chatting footy rather than immature banter and insults but hey ho...its like the war of the last word.. ultimately drivel. Feel free to discuss stuff with me if you want. I would appreciate some decent debate.

      • That's all very well Hemloche, but I do feel the need to point out that you have deliberately chosen to ignore the minor fact that John loves to slate other posters, just as much as anyone else on here.

        PS. I didn't notice John jumping to your defence when Rikki started posting up information about your personal life on here. Did you? I would suggest your blind loyalty needs a trip to Specsavers.

      • Hi Hem.

        Of course, the fact that you can't make every game has nothing to do with how strongly you support the club. The only reason I point out the fact that I do regularly attend games, is because some still that as a reason to say that I am not an ardent supporter of the club. Which is of course ridiculous.

        At the end of the day, I can easily debate/argue/offer a different opinion to yours, Raiders, Wills, James, Radge and in some cases Slayers, but without the need to try and belittle the other person, just because their opinion doesn't match mine. I will only do that if the other person tries it on me first.

        I hope a few more come back and we can turn this around. I barely get on here more than a couple of times a week now. But it would be nice to see a variety of opinions rather than the usual (not that there's anything wrong with them) few posters that are left.

    • You so obviously do care though John.

      I feel I should inform you that I have never sought 'friends' on here. Do you seek 'friends' on here John? I have no 'friends' whatsoever on here. From what I can tell, you believe a 'friend' is anyone who conforms to the opinion held by you that Wenger is useless and should have been sacked, along with the playing staff, seasons ago and who never questions your, frankly, daft opinions. I KNOW you are riled that Arsenal are on the brink of qualifying for the CL, again. I also know that if they fail (and that is a real possibility), you will gloat.

      I don't call that 'support'.

      As far as I am concerned, and from what I see, it is me who ridicules you.

      PS. It is you who cannot refrain from mentioning my good self. Hell, you've even dedicated a thread to me!

      PPS. How long before your 'friends' from the ManIOU board come rallying to your defence I wonder?

      Much love John.

      Much love!