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  • A Yahoo! User May 16, 2013 21:01 Flag

    Wenger staying (probably longer than 2014) - good or bad?

    "Unless you're a complete mushroom, you would see that it isn't working."

    I think you're only looking at the football side only and not the whole picture. Obviously, the commercial side is working as the club have managed to meet all their financial targets and obligations on the new stadium to-date and the club have plenty of cash reserves should the manager wish to strengthen his squad, which suggest to me that things are working on the commercial side. Additionally the club is currently ranked as the 3rd or 4th most valuable football team in the world according to Forbes magazine despite being staved of success on the pitch in recent years, this is yet another indicator which shows that things are working and the people running the club know what they are doing. Undoubtedly, there's more room for improvement even on the business side and the value of the club would only increase if we are successful on the pitch. But you should remember that the key objective of the club is to be self sufficient and the current board are unwilling to gamble on the club's future by being reckless and going the way of City and Chelsea.

    I think the main problem faced by Wenger in the last few seasons is the exodus of key players from the squad and the yearly disruption to the season it entails. Going forward, I strongly believe that the club would be able to challenge for honours as we don't have anymore key players with question mark on their heads. All the key players have now had their contracts extended and we won't begin the season with key players leaving the club.

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    • Well said 'Slayer'.

      If Arsenal is 'not working',lord knows what state every other club in England are in (apart from the three clubs currently above Arsenal,who,by some strange coincidence,also happen to be three of the most highly funded clubs in the WORLD) .

      Crikey, am I a mushroom?

    • Civility deserves civility.

      "I think you're only looking at the football side only and not the whole picture. "

      Of course I'm only looking at the football side. Nobody doubts the financial success the club has enjoyed these last eight years. The ONLY doubt is if we will EVER win anything ever again!

      Wenger is a great manager, but over the years, he has seen a variety of staff leave, but they have not been replaced. Key among these was David Dein. Since his departure Wenger has lost many great players a bit too early, and a few very good players (On a free). He has also failed to land a few key signings because he has either left it too late, or has refused to give to into a couple of extra quid a week. (rumoured)

      Then you have players like Arshavin, who we cannot sell because we paid him too much. So we are paying his wages until his contract runs out. Dennilson, to whom we pay a large proportion of his wages, even though he basically will no longer play for us.

      Wenger holds onto too much control at the club. He oversees a lot, but then also gets involved in the minutiae. As for key players leaving.....well lets wait and see.

      What I have said is that i would like to see things change at the club, that will allow for it to move forward into a position to win silverware again. One man doing all the key things isn't working.

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      • It's very frustrating that we haven't been able to get *Arsenal haven't won a trophy in X number of years* monkey off our back, if we have done so, it would have eased a lot of tension in the club. And to be honest, we have been very close (in 2006, 2008 and 2011) to ending the trophy drought but it wasn't to be. I think a lot of people forget that. The financial commitments of the club due to the stadium move have made things difficult for the manager in terms of competing for the right players in the transfer market in recent years and I think that is why we have ended up with the likes of Park Chu-Young, Chamakh, Santos, etc, in the squad. It isn't entirely Wenger's fault that we have ended up with so much deadwood in the squad but the strategy the club pursued is partially responsible for it. I think people need to realise that we can't compete with the likes of Chelsea, PSG and City in the market and the Agueros, Lucas Mouras and Hazards of this world all come at a premium. Sadly these are the sort of players we need to seriously challenge, if we can't compete with our rivals in the market for the right types of players, the other option is patience and wait for the team to gel. It takes time.

        I'm in total agreement that Wenger needs to delegate some of his duties, especially on new signings negotiation.