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  • Radge2def Radge2def May 17, 2013 00:09 Flag

    Wenger staying (probably longer than 2014) - good or bad?

    I am happy that he is going to see out his contract. Should he stay though? I am not one to push Wenger out the door, but I do feel we lack something sometimes. The most important thing though is I do not EVER doubt Wengers love and commitment to the club. He does put the club 1st. There are not many managers that will do that, certainly these days anyway when they know fine well their position is only secure year by year (or 6 months for Chelsea)

    Wenger extend? I would be happy for him to extend again BUT we need to see change. I would love it is he was the one that ushered in a new era of Arsenal success. That would be a dream come true, but I worry whether he will be the man to do it. I have seen enough of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome vibe. Yes losing key players every season has a knock on effect that puts us half a step back and it takes us a season to regain that half step. but that is the change should happen via:

    1st and foremost Do not lose anymore key players. I admit I dont want to see us paying 200kpw+ for a player, because not one of them is worth it (irrespective if whether that is the going rate or not) but if we can hold onto our best because we offer them 150kpw, then we should.

    A Change in tactics wouldnt go a miss either. We can be very predictable to play against at times yet we now have a real alternative method of attack/PlanB that we have not had in years. Giroud!! If we are not looking like we will break down the opposition throw Giroud on for 25 mins, it will make our attack more direct and shift our focus, thus being less predictable.

    And the last change we need to see is getting rid of the deadwood squad players. Less quantity. more quality. 25 man squad, 18 or 19 made up of real quality. Gamble and rely on our youth squad (Yennaris, Gnarby, Eisfeld, Bellarin etc) to pad out the 25 man squad. They are our future. A squad player may have experience but has no future.

    If Wenger changes things up then I would be delighted for him to stay. If we remain as we are then perhaps a new guy could freshen things up? My wish if for Wenger though.

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    • Problem is Radge that the quality of player you would like to see signing on a regular basis CAN demand wages in excess of £200kpw. I would have loved to have had Mata at the club, and, apparently the deal was very much on the verge of being completed only to be gazumped by Chelsea.
      I don't want to see Arsenal selling its soul and becoming reliant on the funding of some billionare with the power to hire and fire at will, just so the club can truly compete in the transfer market with the likes of City and Chelsea that's for sure. It is a GREAT credit, both to the club AND Wenger that Arsenal still CONSISTENTLY challenge in the major competitions, year on year without the benefit of the bottomless purses afforded to Chelasea and City and United.
      These last two seasons have been exceptionally demanding, due to an almost wholesale change in playing staff at the club. This season also saw the arrival of a new first team coach. Yet Arsenal are still within touching distance of qualifying for the most coveted competition in club football and still in with a chance of finishing ABOVE Chelsea and their millions.

      Wenger is of the highest quality. His talent permeates the club throughout. The guy should be lauded by the clubs 'support' and he should certainly NOT be the target of derision.

      I would have liked to of seen how Ferguson would have managed had he not been so substantially funded in recent years.

      Naturally if Arsenal fail to qualify, if Spurs finally get one over us (and surely karma is on their side), then those who only let their blinkered vision see the negative will be jumping all over Wengers back, The Sun and The Daily Mail in their back pockets, ludicrously bleating about 'poor management'.

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      • Mata would have been great. I think he is an exceptional player and behaves like a class act. But Cazorla is not far behind if at all.

        I believe we can compete with City and Chelsea we just need to start taking advantge of our improving financial position and perhaps hope for FFP to bite the big spenders a little.

        Although it is a matter of perception, IMO we have not challenged in major competitions over the last many years. Come the middle of the season we are often well out of the race for the PL title never mind the reasons. IMO we have been lucky to be the best of the rest but are now in a position to start closing the gap with the top 3 if we play our cards right. Ironically now that, it seems to me, we are on the verge of a small break through towards narrowing the gap with the top 3 we could face a major set back if we don't qualify for the CL.

        I say we beat Newcastle, sign a top striker and defensive midfield player, get rid of some big earners who don't contribute, replace Sagna if he leaves and we might very well finish next season much closer to 2nd place if not capture 2nd.

        If Moureen comes back Chelsea should be considered pre-season favorites for the PL title on account of their great squad but Man U will have a new manager and so will City so anything can happen to those 2 teams and if we don't have to bring in 3 or 4 new players we could start the season of a lot better than in recent years.

      • Fab: Nah not at all. THere is no need to bring in players who demand 200kpw+ Those type of earnings are reserved for the best of the best with some few laughable exceptions (Yaya, and Rooney now, not so much when he got his contract though)

        I believe its perfectly possible to create a team out of players who earn respectable wages (in context) We show that it is possible to compete without getting silly although we also show that if we pushed the boat out once in a while we could bring in the quality we so obviously need.

        I doubt Mata earns more than 150kpw. He has been an amazing signing and I am gutted we didnt try harder for him but that only comes with hindsight. Before his arrival in England he showed alot of promise but no one knew if he would adapt to the EPL. So it was a gamble that Wenger didnt bother with. He is proof that sometimes it is worth taking that gamble.

        Vertonghen is another example. I think he is on about 90kpw. We could have really used him. Yet 90kpw is well within our wage structure yet strangely is seems Wenger thiks thats too expensive for a defender!? Now proven to be definitely a worth while investment/gamble.

        Coming into this summer mentions of Jovetic or Higuain. Jovetic and Higuain are gambles to a certain extent, however their stats suggest it would not be a big gamble to take to guarantee their signatures. Will we break the wage structure to get either of those players though? I have a horrible feeling we wont yet we could easily afford to if we got rid of our deadwood.

        We have about 8 players who do not have any future at Arsenal and who offer us little other than experience. Get rid of 2 or 3 average and bring in 1 quality. Easily achievable when considering the wages our squad players are on. If we got rid of Bendtner and Chamakh we could offer Higuain wages of 120/30kpw and still have money left over from Bendt and Cham's wages. When you look at it like that, its hardly a gamble at all. Infact saving money too which we all know Arsenal like doing.

    • Well said and I largely agree (which is nice because it saves me an extra long post).

      I would add though on the salary side that I don't care if we pay someone 200 per week as long as that is the market rate. If our financial model is superior we should be able to compete for the best players and that will involve paying market rates. If we could sign Ronaldo for 300 per week I would think that is a good deal. I think Man U paid RVP 250 and I think they got value. To me our wage structure needs to be reviewed. We pay average players too much and are prohibit to pay going rates for proven top players in the process making it hard to hang on to our good players. Some of our good players have little reason for loyalty since they have not been around long enough so salary matters. Cazorla has no reason to be loyal but a top salary could buy his loyalty and I think that would be worth it.

      I also hope for us FFP will be enforced to the fullest because that could be in our advantage.

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      • Govinda regarding FFP. I think there is only 1 way the FFP rules can fail and that is when they are taken to the European court. If the Court backs the FFP rules, this will absolutely reduce wages and reduce transfer fees, seriously benefitting clubs who are aiming to balance the books. If the Court back the challenge though, it will merely return football to the days of last season and before.

        So say the FFP are backed by the court, we will benefit. People are saying it wont work because there are always crafty ways around it like getting big sponsorship deals etc. Thing is I do not think this is a way "around it", I regard that as playing within the rules 100%. There is an argument to be had about "when your brothers company, which is essentially your family company offers a mind boggling deal" but thats a different matter even though it is still within the rules.

        The thing is about any sponsorship is that the Sponsor Company must always take in to account the money they offer in connection with the benefit it will provide the company. That balance that must be maintained means there will always be a limit to what sponsorship a club can attract.

      • The value of any item is, quite simply, what someone is prepared to pay for said item.

        No matter what dizzying heights the financial model of Arsenal may reach, it will NEVER be able to compete with the owners of City and Chelsea.

        If Arsenal offer £300kpw for Ronaldo, City/Chelski simply offer £400kpw.

        That is the reality.