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  • Govinda Govinda May 17, 2013 06:37 Flag

    Wenger staying (probably longer than 2014) - good or bad?

    Well said and I largely agree (which is nice because it saves me an extra long post).

    I would add though on the salary side that I don't care if we pay someone 200 per week as long as that is the market rate. If our financial model is superior we should be able to compete for the best players and that will involve paying market rates. If we could sign Ronaldo for 300 per week I would think that is a good deal. I think Man U paid RVP 250 and I think they got value. To me our wage structure needs to be reviewed. We pay average players too much and are prohibit to pay going rates for proven top players in the process making it hard to hang on to our good players. Some of our good players have little reason for loyalty since they have not been around long enough so salary matters. Cazorla has no reason to be loyal but a top salary could buy his loyalty and I think that would be worth it.

    I also hope for us FFP will be enforced to the fullest because that could be in our advantage.

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    • Govinda regarding FFP. I think there is only 1 way the FFP rules can fail and that is when they are taken to the European court. If the Court backs the FFP rules, this will absolutely reduce wages and reduce transfer fees, seriously benefitting clubs who are aiming to balance the books. If the Court back the challenge though, it will merely return football to the days of last season and before.

      So say the FFP are backed by the court, we will benefit. People are saying it wont work because there are always crafty ways around it like getting big sponsorship deals etc. Thing is I do not think this is a way "around it", I regard that as playing within the rules 100%. There is an argument to be had about "when your brothers company, which is essentially your family company offers a mind boggling deal" but thats a different matter even though it is still within the rules.

      The thing is about any sponsorship is that the Sponsor Company must always take in to account the money they offer in connection with the benefit it will provide the company. That balance that must be maintained means there will always be a limit to what sponsorship a club can attract.

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      • I think there is a decent chance FFP will win in court but that is only because I assume the various leagues including EUFA will have taken legal advise long before they ironed out the rules and more often than not clubs or associations can have pretty much carte blanche on the rules they wish to enforce. Including rule changes, changes in membership fees etc etc, provided they don't break the law.

        Cap'n, I would think that the FFP rules were designed for the long term health of the game by making it more competitive not less competitive.

        I am still in favor of a salary cap per team.

      • Cap'N you havent given a reason why the FFP will fail though. You just said it will but with no reason. In the Court or in general? In general thats not guaranteed, in the Courts I wouldnt be surprised if it did fail but still not yet guaranteed.

    • The value of any item is, quite simply, what someone is prepared to pay for said item.

      No matter what dizzying heights the financial model of Arsenal may reach, it will NEVER be able to compete with the owners of City and Chelsea.

      If Arsenal offer £300kpw for Ronaldo, City/Chelski simply offer £400kpw.

      That is the reality.

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      • I agree Fab, but we can hope that Financial Fairplay will curb the amounts of money clubs can spend relative to Revenue etc. I know this might be naive thinking given the influence of clubs like Real, Barca, Chelsea etc but for the good of football (and Arsenal) to enforce some form of FFP would benefit the sport IMO. I believe the whole salary cap issue in the US in the NBA and NFL has allowed for a more competitive land scape in those leagues. It would be nice if our financial prudence over the last many years could finally be rewarded by improving greatly our ability to compete for players.

        Differently said, I hope FFP will prevent clubs like City, Real, Chelsea to pay 300pm because of their financial models.