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  • Govinda Govinda May 17, 2013 09:32 Flag

    Wenger staying (probably longer than 2014) - good or bad?

    I just read an article that said Spurs were going to offer Bale £170/pw and if I were them I would sign him to that no problem if they can afford it. I would be happy to pay Higuan £150/pw. Perhaps we should try to incorporate, if this is not done already, performance related comp. ie Higuan starts with a bad of £120 but he can earn up to 150% that much if he scores a number of goals or has a certain goal to game ration and perhaps this should also include goals made for others and the number of appearances he makes should perhpas also figure in. All these measure should be scalable so that £120 can go to £130 but also to £175.

    Flip side as well, you don't make it into the team for a certain % of games or minutes, your base drops. This would majk it easier to get rid or carry the deadwood like Chamakh or Arshavin.