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    Wenger staying (probably longer than 2014) - good or bad?

    The clearest indication yet that Wenger would renew his contract.

    Just want some input on what peoples opinions are regarding this topics.

    Is this a good or bad news for the club?

    Here's one of the good ones I read ...

    Catch22: "Most of the sensible Arsenal fans want him to stay. Anyway, who cares what the glory hunters want ? They can go somewhere else if they don't like it. I can remember longer trophy droughts than this one as an Arsenal fan. I'm more interested in Arsenal's future
    and I don't want it endangered by some big spending, big name manager with a big ego, coming in to put the club back into £400m of debt for the odd trophy. Are you reading this Adrian Durham !"

    What are your thoughts, *Gunners*?

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    • I don't mind if he stays. I only wish he would delegate some of the responsibilities to staff who can do a better job. At the moment he does nearly everything. Unless you're a complete mushroom, you would see that it isn't working.

      Catch22 is quoting one extreme, but offers no positive opinion or potential way in which the club could improve. Their 'rant' is what you would expect on Talksport though.

      We DO need to spend money, but I wouldn't trust Wenger to spend it, nor the board to give him what is needed to get the team back to winning.

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      • "Unless you're a complete mushroom, you would see that it isn't working."

        I think you're only looking at the football side only and not the whole picture. Obviously, the commercial side is working as the club have managed to meet all their financial targets and obligations on the new stadium to-date and the club have plenty of cash reserves should the manager wish to strengthen his squad, which suggest to me that things are working on the commercial side. Additionally the club is currently ranked as the 3rd or 4th most valuable football team in the world according to Forbes magazine despite being staved of success on the pitch in recent years, this is yet another indicator which shows that things are working and the people running the club know what they are doing. Undoubtedly, there's more room for improvement even on the business side and the value of the club would only increase if we are successful on the pitch. But you should remember that the key objective of the club is to be self sufficient and the current board are unwilling to gamble on the club's future by being reckless and going the way of City and Chelsea.

        I think the main problem faced by Wenger in the last few seasons is the exodus of key players from the squad and the yearly disruption to the season it entails. Going forward, I strongly believe that the club would be able to challenge for honours as we don't have anymore key players with question mark on their heads. All the key players have now had their contracts extended and we won't begin the season with key players leaving the club.

      • Oh....so one assumes you're not thinking of using your 'Wenger out' avatar again in the near future John.
        As for you believing you know precisely what jobs Wenger delegates to whom and to what level that is, care to explain precisely what those 'jobs' are and to what level any particular individual is allowed to participate??? And, of course, how it is you come to hold such in depth knowledge into the workings of the club.Oh, and of course, who are these members of staff that 'can do a better job'.

    • I don't mind it if he is staying either. Wenger has done a lot of good things during the 18 odd years he's been at helm. On the otherhand I also think that sometimes things needs to changed up to bring in fresh new ideas. Though with SAF leaving, as Brian Moore said in 1989, "It's up for grabs now!"

    • What are your thoughts on this Slayer?

    • Great news. He can stay for as long as he wishes.
      The guy has done a FANTASTIC job and anyone with any real idea of the game can see that.

      Even Ferguson mocked the anti-Wenger Arsenal 'supporters'.

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      • I am happy that he is going to see out his contract. Should he stay though? I am not one to push Wenger out the door, but I do feel we lack something sometimes. The most important thing though is I do not EVER doubt Wengers love and commitment to the club. He does put the club 1st. There are not many managers that will do that, certainly these days anyway when they know fine well their position is only secure year by year (or 6 months for Chelsea)

        Wenger extend? I would be happy for him to extend again BUT we need to see change. I would love it is he was the one that ushered in a new era of Arsenal success. That would be a dream come true, but I worry whether he will be the man to do it. I have seen enough of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome vibe. Yes losing key players every season has a knock on effect that puts us half a step back and it takes us a season to regain that half step. but that is the change should happen via:

        1st and foremost Do not lose anymore key players. I admit I dont want to see us paying 200kpw+ for a player, because not one of them is worth it (irrespective if whether that is the going rate or not) but if we can hold onto our best because we offer them 150kpw, then we should.

        A Change in tactics wouldnt go a miss either. We can be very predictable to play against at times yet we now have a real alternative method of attack/PlanB that we have not had in years. Giroud!! If we are not looking like we will break down the opposition throw Giroud on for 25 mins, it will make our attack more direct and shift our focus, thus being less predictable.

        And the last change we need to see is getting rid of the deadwood squad players. Less quantity. more quality. 25 man squad, 18 or 19 made up of real quality. Gamble and rely on our youth squad (Yennaris, Gnarby, Eisfeld, Bellarin etc) to pad out the 25 man squad. They are our future. A squad player may have experience but has no future.

        If Wenger changes things up then I would be delighted for him to stay. If we remain as we are then perhaps a new guy could freshen things up? My wish if for Wenger though.