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  • Raider Raider May 17, 2013 10:10 Flag

    Rooney to Arsenal?

    Rooney is still a very good player but he isn't the main man at Utd anymore and that's got under his skin.
    Rooney is worth around 25 million at 225k a week, Lewandowski is around the same money but would be on around 125k a week and there are loads of top players at the same price range for less wages so clubs probably wont go after Rooney because of the salary he would expect.

    Rooney isn't the player he was and although he is still very good there are other players I would rather see in a an Arsenal shirt, BUT, he would still be a good addition if the price was right!

    We have been burnt at Arsenal by paying top wages to players and then they don't deliver, then it's a nightmare trying to sell them on, because no one can afford their salaries and they wont drop to move!

    Rooney to Arsenal is very unlikely and I think the money could be spent better elswhere.
    3 year deal at 225k per week = 35,100,000 + purchase 25 million total 60 million over 3 years.

    Jovetic and Higuain worth 40 million and both on about 100k a week = just over 70 million for 3 years

    For the extra 3.5 million a year I would rather have 2 players like the two mentioned!

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