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  • Raider Raider May 18, 2013 10:24 Flag

    Petr Cech's Hypocrisy

    Should Arsenal & Chelsea finish on the same points and goal difference then we would both share third spot, but due to the CL qualification status it has been decided that both teams should play off to establish automatic entry and 3rd spot.

    What I find hypocritical from Peter Cheque is that he states that should this happen then Arsenal shouldn't deserve 3rd because we had lost to Chelsea twice, but what he doesn't seem to realise that the rules to not account for records against each other and therefore his view is biased.

    This is the same player that picked up a winners medal last week from a competition his team didn't even enter.
    Chelsea got dumped out of one competion and as a softner got a result by being included in the Europa Cup comp.

    This stinks of double standards to me, or is it he now realises Arsenal are starting to get their #$%$ together and see us as a real threat.

    It almost wants me to wish for a play off and then beat Chelsea just to make him suffer.

    A 4-1 win against Newcstle is my prediction with Everton drawing at Chelsea so it will be irrelevant any way!

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    • The answer is simple.

      Don't play so badly that you end up in this position in the first #$%$ place.

      Ooops too late!

    • I don't feel passionate about this but clearly Petr should realize his argument is weak as you point out. He could also see that we got 4 points more then they did from the teams we both played and therefor should go through. A playoff seems fairest.

      I think if we beat Newcastle, and Chelsea draw Everton we should be good. I have a feeling we either will struggle against Newcastle and finish 5th or we will beat them easily by 2 goals no problem. I don't expect a difficult victory. It will depend more on which Newcastle shows up than which Arsenal, Newcastle can be a handful at home and maybe their French players will be motivated to show Wenger what they can do, or they will role over and we will have a comfortable victory.