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  • I think could be a blessing in disguise if it means the manager strengthens the squad with real quality and gets non-contributing wage suckers like Chamakh, Santos, etc, off the wage bill,

    I don't buy the argument that a club like ours need offer of CL football to attract qualty players, Bayern were in the Europa League and had no CL to offer when they signed Ribery and neither did City have CL football to offer when Silva and co joined them,

    Put simply, it's money and that was why a player of Remy's status joined a QPR side at the foot of the table back in January.

    Other opinions?

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    • Finishing 5th won't be the end of the world... as long as we don't lose key members of the existing team. Winning the Europa League would put us in a great position for the year after. the last few months (since we lost to Spurs) have shown we have the talent, we just need the continuity. How many teams could have lost their best players in each of the last two or three seasons but still compete?

      The best thing about beating the toon today will be Tottenham 5th (again)

      As ever ... In Arsene I Trust...

    • I think missing out on the CL will have an effect on the players we could attract, however I would regard that situation to be temporary as I believe we would be back in the CL for the 14/15 season. Over all it would be a temporary issue but certainly not a disaster.
      However regarding targets we actually have no idea who our targets really are. No CL would likely mean no Higuain or Jovetic types, but are we really considering them or are they still considered to be out of Arsenals price range?
      Arsenals name does carry some weight across Europe so I dont think it would cost us in a BIG way. We would still be able to attract quality players regardless of CL participation.
      What people do forget is that there are plenty good players out there and there are many up and coming or already established players who do not play CL.

    • At this time I would prefer to focus and pray for finish 4th or 3rd with its many benefits. 5th is would be a huge set back IMO, perhaps we could over come it but It would still be a set back with hard to predict consequences. So I say we don't test the hypothesis and just beat Newcastle today.