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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 20, 2013 18:09 Flag


    And I do mean it, I know how much it means to you all to secure CL football, even if you have absolutely no chance of winning the competition!

    I cant help but feel sorry for Spurs. As a neutral who can see how average a job Wenger is doing, whilst Spurs at least continually TRY to strive to improve, I admit I wanted them to get 4th, more than anything because it may have been the kick up the bum old Prune Face needed....but Im not surprised Spurs bottled it as usual!

    Anyway, funny article...



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    • Just an article by yet another BITTER Wenger hating journo, probably a Spurs fan!

      The fact they have written Arsenal off all season, slated the likes of Mertesaker and Koscielny and Walcott, Scoffed every time Wenger has talked of the qualities of the team, laughed when RVP was sold, only for the club to beat Spurs, yet again to the coveted CL placing whilst bettering the points tally from last season, WITH RVP, is obviously grating MANY people, in the press, in the stands and elsewhere.

      Damn right the players celebrated.

      Damn right the REAL support celebrated.

      I wouldn't expect a confirmed glory supporter like you to understand Chrissy.

      Good luck now Ferguson has scarpered (no doubt in fear of Mourinhos return), after spending frankly OBSCENE amounts of cash to wrestle the trophy from City (who also spent OBSCENE amounts of cash remember), and save some face.

      Anyone can build a good football team by spending diabolical amounts of cash.

      Only the best deliver on a relative shoestring.

      Arsenal are on the rise. Those who have stood by Wenger and understood Wenger throughout are about to begin REALLY gloating.

      And we ALL know who 'they' are!

      Much love.

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      • pixie sounds a tad bitter.

        why wouldnt he be? he's been banging on about the rise of farcenal ever since he got here. 8 years without a sniff of silverware is most amusing. Even Swansea, Wigan and erm who was it? oh yeah Birrmingham have had trophies in that time hahaha.

        tell us again Delboy! 'this time next year'

        mmmmuch love chickpea

      • 'Arsenal are on the rise. Those who have stood by Wenger and understood Wenger throughout are about to begin REALLY gloating.'



        I cant believe anyone could be daft enough to write such sh*yte!

        You're completely delusional Pixie, you're the Audeley Harrison of football fans!