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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 21, 2013 08:27 Flag

    'Francenal are on the RISE'....

    When Pixie forgets to take his meds, this is what can happen....

    'Arsenal are on the rise. Those who have stood by Wenger and understood Wenger throughout are about to begin REALLY gloating.'

    Fortunately he is very short and is a crackhead, so you dont need to be afraid of this fruitcake!

    Now we all should know by now Pixie has small man syndrome, and as a Palace fan who never goes to watch Francenal, he's desperate to prove to us all that he's the biggest, baddest Francenal fan in the world.....in fact Im pretty confident in saying his room is covered in posters of Freddie Ljungberg in his underpants!

    However, back in the real world, fact is you have the weakest squad we've ever seen under Wenger, it seems to get weaker every season.

    Frankly its embarrassing the way you celebrate 4th every year, but not the most embarrassing thing. Whats worse is that every year you scrape into the top 4 after a season of underachieving, you actually buy into Wengers #$%$ You're like an abused woman who keeps making excuses for her wife beating husband. Its insane.

    So please dont think we're gloating at your expense, we're more bemused than anything!

    Le Professeur - The ONLY one who could see the demise of the so called invincibles, and predicted this ENTIRE downfall!

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    • If wenger can show some balls and get rooney then it could have a snowball effect and more quality players may join. At this rate we are relying on teams below us to fall at the last hurdle, otherwise we would be much further down the table. It is no surprise that players of jovetic ilk are biding their time waiting for better offers to come in, especially whilst we wont cough up the goods and baulk at £25m, a real lack of ambition shown to prospective employees.