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  • John John May 21, 2013 09:16 Flag

    Nice write-up.


    This summer's transfer activity will be a clear sign of the commitment we all want to see from the club.

    Assembling a squad worthy of winning silverware by bringing in a few key signings, whilst allowing the deadwood to leave and free up wages for those who deserve it.

    Denilson, Bendtner, Arshavin, Squilacci, Chamakh should all be on their way out. This should free up £250k p/w for a start.

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    • For Gods sake shut up Baptist. You have no more interest in who 'WE' buy in, than you did when you wanted AW out. I see your bloody tune has changed now. And who would you like to see Bappy; perhaps someone who meets your approval? Or perhaps you can suggest to AW who, since you know sod all about football, and judging from your fat #$%$ statements, you probably never played either. Now zip it, and let the real football fans have a say. You are excess to requirements on here. A fat has been who can only chatter the same old #$%$ like a f...g parrot, or your other dummy, Butch.

    • How many times do we have to read this ill thought through biased maundering?

      The writer talks as though Arsenal have not mounted a serious title challenge (or cup challenge) during the trophyless seasons. The writer talks as though the answer to all the clubs woes is to spend and SPEND BIG.The writer believes that Wenger needs to buy players of supposed proven stature.

      Arsenal HAVE challenged, they have reached the final stages of competition, they have lead the Prem for sustained periods. The fact that the club ultimately did not win, does NOT mean they were incapable of doing so.

      If you are expecting Wenger to change the philosophy that built title winning teams, that built the invincible team, the philosophy that did NOT see Wenger buying players the way Chelsea, City and United do, for incredible sums, you WILL BE DISSAPOINTED.

      Wenger doesn't need to buy that way. Wenger will give you a Koscielny a Fabregas a Van Persie and he will take on the competition in that manner.

      The financial statistics are INCREDIBLE but that is NOT what it is all about.

      Its is about building teams of players, it is about playing the Arsenal way. It is not about buying the supposed best defenders and best midfielders and planting them on a pitch alongside the most expensive striker and Goalkeeper and hoping they perform to their billing.

      This sort of article always makes me chortle, it smacks of one of those Arsenal fans who have slated Wenger, once again, left with egg on their faces.

      Arsenal are on the up, after two incredibly difficult seasons. This is a new Arsenal emerging.

      This Arsenal does NOT need to begin buying the Ronaldos of this world in order to succeed.

    • Arshavin, Squilacci and Frimpong are all gone on 1st July.

      I believe the following players are in their final 12 months of their contracts: Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Djourou and Santos. This is where we need to be smart by striking mutual agreements with the players who are clearly surplus to requirements, it won't be easy but doable if the club are serious about the title next season as they are currently sounding.

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      • Djourou, Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Santos, Park, Flappy and/or Mannone need to be sold
        Squillaci, Arshavin and Frimpong will be leaving.

        Unfortunately because of the wages we pay I wont be surprised to see Bendtner, Chamakh, Park maybe Djourou (although he has had a decent loan spell so there is hope there) still taking in a big chunk of their wages from us.

        The best idea would be a clean slate/sweep and get them all off the books as quickly as possible before they all leave for free thus making whatever money we can on them regardless of what the Club thinks they are worth.

        Sell those we can (even cheaply) and we could get about 30/35mill and free up huge amounts of wages.
        Arshavin Squillaci and Frimpong leaving will already free up about 160/170kpw.

        There is soo much scope/flexibility to improve Arsenal and put the money into better practice. I just hope they notice it and work on it. There is some evidence of better practice though coming from our Academy. There seems to be a stream lining operation in effect where I hear we are not renewing or selling 16 of our youth products. Some of those leaving i am a bit disappointed by, like Meade, Ebecilio, Angha, and Henderson, but the others like Watt and Eastmond are not such a worry as they have been around for ages and yet to do much.