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  • John John May 22, 2013 12:34 Flag

    The list gets bigger.....

    Andre Arshavin, Gervinho, Marouane Chamakh, Nicklas Bendtner, Park Chu-Young, Andre Santos, Denilson, Johan Djourou, Sebastien Squillaci, Vito Mannone and even Thomas Vermaelen.

    All listed as possible targets for exit this summer.

    £350k p/w wages freed up.

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    • Keep Verm. Im convinced without the arm band he will find form again. The others I agree with whole heartedly.
      As for wages though where did you get those numbers? I thought every single one of them was on 50+. Squillaci being the lowest paid on 50kpw? Arshavin the highest at 75kpw?

    • Arshavin & Squills are out of contract. So they are already out the door for the most part. I believe that Park is out of contract as well (he only signed a 2 year deal and never played for the club. Gervs, Cham, Bendtner, Denilson and Djourou have at least one more year. Verms is the only one worth keeping, but give the armband to Arteta instead.

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      • I have always wondered about Park, just did some research...apparently we signed him on a 4 year contract. So we need to sell him quick otherwise he'll suck us dry for the next two seasons. Shame his Celta Vigo Loan hasnt really worked out either. Only 3 goals and 1 assist. Dunno what it is but only Denilson seems to be doing alright with his loan. All our other players have distinctly sucked. Grrrr. Probably onn purpose cause they want the money Arsenal are offering lol