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    % year net spend.


    Although this table shows the job we have done over the last 5 years and credit to Wenger for keeping us in running for top 4 places during this picture. I do hope that we can now move up this table in a hurry. I would think in the long term this is not a good position to be in. Having said this, this table does not give credit to us ranking 4th on the wage bill which is also an important invetment in the squad.


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    • Personally I would be happier seeing the club move up the Prem table, rather than the net spend table.

      Bring in a player or two that deliver like Koscielny, rather than one who delivers like Arshavin.

      Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be unhappy to see Wenger sign a £30m player, I just don't believe that the transfer fee is a guarantee of quality and success.

      When you look at Wengers dealings, the guy is real genius. A super rare being.

      Arsenal fans really are extremely fortuitous.

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      • "Agree with that on the whole.
        I honestly believe though that if RVP had enjoyed more time injury free whilst at Arsenal, he may well have had a trophy or two in the bag."

        Can this be the same Mr Fabongras who spamed the United board with "Robin Reliant"...?

        ...surely not...the real Fab wouldn't be saying Robin's injuries were the reason Arsenal didn't win any silverware...that would indicate that he thought Arsenal were "Robin Reliant"...?

        ...I guess it must be a clone....;)

      • Of course the PL is the ultimate reflection of success but if our net spend goes up it likely will be because the days of (having to?) sell our best players being behind us.

        Ultimately having had to integrate so many new players each year hampers early season results. I would be happy to sign only two new players (striker, DM). Integrating 2 new players is not so difficult but 4 is different story - it is effectively 40% of a team, not counting the keeper.

        (Replacing Sagna wold be a 3rd signing)

    • Sorry guys don't know what happened to the title, but hope you get the post.