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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD May 26, 2013 11:49 Flag

    Sack Wenger & spend money = win trophies


    The amount of money 'spent' doesn't tell the right story.

    The nett amount is pointless, it's just where the money comes from.

    The only figure that counts is what was actually spent on players, not where the money came from.

    In the last ten years, Wenger has spent £252,500,000 on new players, plus four undisclosed amounts, and a swap.

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    • Cap'n I don't think the net amount is pointless at all. If you sell your whole first 11 for GBP 150 million and you buy back an other new first 11 for GBP 120, you have by your logic invested GBP 110 in your squad. By my logic, more often than not the market is the market so if you sell your first 11 for more than you buy a new first 11, chances are you have a weaker team.

      Net spend tells you a lot, even if it does not tell you everything.

    • Either way, we have spent alot of money on below average quality players that wouldnt have made the bench with the invincibles. Wenger had bought himself another season and nothing would change, only a gullible moron would believe otherwise.

      Sadly I believe we will have to go through another season like the last many, and only when we drop out of the top 4 comfort zone would we the fans realise wenger must be sacked for us to progress. A sad state of affairs indeed.

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      • I can't say that at times I have not shared your frustration and, like radge, I by no means think Wenger is flawless and I also think we have hurt ourselves by not being willing to pay our best players at market rates. In Wenger's defense he himself eluded to this handicap last season and perhaps he has convinced the board to move towards fixing this.

        Call me a dreamer, but my gut tells me we are about to turn a corner. Will we win the PL next season? Unlikely. Do we have a chance to finish 3rd or better? Possibly and depending somewhat on our summer transfer activities. I always happy to be wrong but I believe we need a striker who will score 20+ in the PL and then we will move up the table. Had RVP stayed I believe we would have finished 3rd or 2nd with out to much problems. Had Giroud scored 10 more in the PL we would have finished 2nd or 3rd IMO.

        Atfer 8 years I have come to terms with the fact that we are not a club that will seriously compete for titles year-over-year like Man U or Chelsea or Barca or Real or Bayern or Ajax etc. But we are a great club and we could well be about to embark on a period of competitiveness.

        Finally, for me, if Wenger is the problem, it actually is Stan K who is the problem for not seeing that. This would lead me to worry a lot who he will appoint manager once Wenger leaves. Not a lot of managers could have done much better and the hand full who possibly could have done better would probably not have come to Arsenal.

      • Its totally possible to argue with. Has been argued many a time. Im not going to take a biasedly written article as gospel.

        The Arsenal wage structure has been the main thing holding us back. Why we have far too many average players and only a handful of real quality. The wage structure has come under big criticism and the Board have said that it will be reviewed. Whether they review it or not is a different matter but we wait and see.

        I do not believe that Wenger is the ONLY manager for Arsenal, I do accept that Some of his signings could have been better even when staying within the wage structure. I also believe his tactics have not been up to scratch. He seems to think that he can still play against the big teams on an equal footing when he has not adequately replaced the quality he has lost. I think that is his ego costing us. Yet I back him to certainly see out his contract because Im not convinced anyone else could have done better in the situation we have been in, and because I know fine well he loves the club and is absoluetly making sure he looks after it on a sound manner. Other managers would not care anywhere near as much for the club as Wenger does. That matters.

        Its not about being a gullible moron its about giving the time asked for by the guys in charge before expecting us to show real intent again. Im willing to give that time they asked for to back up their promise. I .do not know why you are not, I would assume its because you cant take a ribbing by your mates down the pub?

        Wenger should be given at least the time to see out his contract and possibly the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of what should come from a frugal time for the club. If we dont win again with Wenger so be it. But whats the rush? Im in no particular rush as its not like football is finishing forever anytime soon? The answer to why you dont have the patience is in you. NOt on expenditure comparsions with another club with bottomless pockets.