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  • Radge2def Radge2def May 26, 2013 13:27 Flag

    Sack Wenger & spend money = win trophies

    Its totally possible to argue with. Has been argued many a time. Im not going to take a biasedly written article as gospel.

    The Arsenal wage structure has been the main thing holding us back. Why we have far too many average players and only a handful of real quality. The wage structure has come under big criticism and the Board have said that it will be reviewed. Whether they review it or not is a different matter but we wait and see.

    I do not believe that Wenger is the ONLY manager for Arsenal, I do accept that Some of his signings could have been better even when staying within the wage structure. I also believe his tactics have not been up to scratch. He seems to think that he can still play against the big teams on an equal footing when he has not adequately replaced the quality he has lost. I think that is his ego costing us. Yet I back him to certainly see out his contract because Im not convinced anyone else could have done better in the situation we have been in, and because I know fine well he loves the club and is absoluetly making sure he looks after it on a sound manner. Other managers would not care anywhere near as much for the club as Wenger does. That matters.

    Its not about being a gullible moron its about giving the time asked for by the guys in charge before expecting us to show real intent again. Im willing to give that time they asked for to back up their promise. I .do not know why you are not, I would assume its because you cant take a ribbing by your mates down the pub?

    Wenger should be given at least the time to see out his contract and possibly the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of what should come from a frugal time for the club. If we dont win again with Wenger so be it. But whats the rush? Im in no particular rush as its not like football is finishing forever anytime soon? The answer to why you dont have the patience is in you. NOt on expenditure comparsions with another club with bottomless pockets.