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  • Is available on a free.

    Could he do a job?
    Would you want him to do a job?

    I think he would be a good squad player. Lets face it, as a free option, he will probably be on Wenger's radar.

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    • Dunno if Wenger ever looks back.
      Flamini is almost 30, and has been through some crazy injury issues in recent seasons. He was good at Arsenal but I thought his partnership with Cesc really made him look better than he was. In the same way that Yorke and Cole did at Utd. Not amazing strikers but that partnership worked dreams. Or Keane - Berbatov. Both good players yet together they were a real handful.
      If Wenger ever looked back I would want him to look back to Song over Flamini, he may not be free but he certainly wouldnt take as long to gel, and he is 4 years younger, without the recent injury issues and so has a better long term future.

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      • I can certainly understand a desire to re-sign Song over Flamini, however I was looking at it from a squad depth point of view.

        Song would not want to sit behind Arteta, who has now cemented his place along with Wilshere. I would be happy with him being ahead of Ramsey, but I don't think he would be. Given the limit of his options, Flamini would likely be more patient though, and he would be a useful sub to bring on in the absence of Wilshere. He could also be used as stand in full back, as he was in his early days with us last time.

        I know he suffered a big knee injury but he got over this and built up his fitness to have another good season 12/13. Some are surprised he has not been re-signed as his wages have also dropped.

        The 'Free' bit would be a temptation also.

      • Song is a really good player who was under the radar but great for Arsenal, at the time one of the most important Arsenal players. Love him to come back. Flamini no chance.