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  • "Arsenal will look to shore things up at the back by signing Martin Skrtel from Liverpool, who are looking to shore things up at the back by selling Martin Skrtel to Arsenal. There's even more bad news for Gunners fans who dislike witnessing balls whistle into their own net: André Santos is coming back."

    Well it would be funny if it wasn't true!

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    • I know about Santos and he is a drain on our wages because he wont be played much if at all. The more deadwood we have draining wages without getting a look in the more hopeful we can be that the Club sorts out the wage structure of stupidity.

      As for Skrtel. Well hmmm. Not exactly enthusiastic hat idea. And its likely to be rubbish anyway. But if it did happen...well at least he has proven to be a decent defender. This season not so much but i think that was down to him not getting on with Rodgers, where the season before he was doing pretty good. Form, belief...but I would prefer someone younger with serious promise.