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    The importance of businessman-cum-coach in modern football

    We were all disappointed when a world class midfielder Cesc Fabregas was sold for what most Gunners considered as a pittance at the time for just £35million while Andy Carroll also went for the same fee.

    Apparently, "Arsenal inserted a clause which says they must be notified of any offer for him and then be given the first option of buying him back for £20-£25m if Barcelona decide to sell."

    "Things get even more complicated because if Barcelona end up selling him to another club then Arsenal are entitled to a 50 per cent sell-on clause according to the Mail.

    That would mean the Liga champions would have to receive a bid of £70m for the player from United just to break even on the £35m they paid for him."

    'Wenger you wily old dog you.'

    The old fox has done it again!