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  • Govinda Govinda Jun 3, 2013 12:00 Flag

    Sign a striker now please!!!

    Although I can not be sure of the reasons, it often felt as though we were too indecisive or too slow in our transfer dealing over the past windows, resulting in us losing players we were linked to earlier in the transfer window to other teams, Mata comes to mind as one of them.

    At the moment there seem to be a few quality strikers available but some real uncertainty as well surrounding them. Chelsea are most likely on the look out to sing a quality striker and Cavani is linked with them, Real Madrid is also likely to look for new striker with Higuain leaving and if Suarez leaves liver pool they will be looking for a striker as well. If Rooney were to got o PSG there is no certainty on what Man U would do. City no doubt will look to sign a striker as well.

    With Moureen and Pelligrini likely needing a few days to insert themselves, the above leads me to conclude we should try to sign our top striker target ASAP, whether this is Jovetic, Higuain or Benteke. I don't think waiting will serve us as we know that we don't do well when it comes to competing in the transfer market with the likes of City and Chelsea.

    And if Real pay £60-£80 for Bale there is no telling what they would do with that kind of money but a new striker will be on their list as well.

    I know there is little point in getting stressed at this point but I have to admit that I truly hope this will not be an other summer waiting for the close of the transfer window before we get our biggest need signed up. We need David Dein type of action and we need it now.

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    • Fat chance with Wenger and Gazidis in charge. Welcome to Arsenal post David Dein.

      They've probably gone on holiday now, so no transfers until August following recent years actions. Then we might see another rush to sign what's left, on the cheap.

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      • I agree with johns sentiments exactly. I think govinda and the like are well to learn better by now that things will not change. In fact it is hard to fathom why anyone would thing to the contrary. Celebrating 4th place? Really? Some are slower than others to read patterns I guess.

      • Hi John, hope you arekeeping well. I have a feeling and hope that this summer will be different but that is probably what drives my frustration. By the sounds of it your believe might be more stress free since anyone coming in before August is an "upside" surprise for you and in-activity before that is expected.