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    Thoughts please?

    Mine are, that hes out of line speaking so frankly to the press, yet he has a perfectly valid point. IMO we cannot afford to lose him he has proven to be real quality when fit and he is just 27 so theoretically just coming into his prime as a defender. Its players like him who we spent so much time grooming into quality that we should not be letting go of NOW. We are no longer tied with financial restrictions and to compete we have to up the game a bit more and make sure players like him want to stay put!

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    • I think it's less about him wanting to leave and more about him wanting the club to bring in the quality players we all believe they need to be able to win silverware again.

      Storm in a tea-cup. It's the usual bravado statement given by a lot of players who have just had a good season, but not won anything.

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      • Yeh from Yahoo you get the feeling he is unhappy regardless of his quote. Yet from other sources I think he just comes across as pragmatic. Still he shouldnt be talking to the media in such a frank manner. Nevertheless its done and no doubt Wenger will have had or will have a word. I dont think he will leave this summer, although some managers have had a wee glance at him I think he probably still needs to prove himself a but more before getting the big transfer. If he shifted now he would almost certainly be back up and not within the top 3 choices.

    • It seemed you are slow to catch on to the goings on of our club, and the mentality seeping through the team. Nasri, Cesc, Van Persie, Song, it was only a a matter of time before even the more average player realize that they are at a club that has no ambition and if anything Kos is smart to cash in whilst he is viewed as a top commodity in his position.

      I could say same old story but you would make an excuse of cry wolf. This is more than predictable behaviour that many have seen coming for a long time. The signings will not come, if Bayern come calling he would be mad to reject their glances. That cant be argued by even the most biased of gooners

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      • I may be new posting here, but there's something about the above post that smells fishy:-

        "It seemed you are slow" "realize" "reject their glances"

        It reads like a post from someone not at ease with English colloquialism or grammar.

      • If Bayern come calling then I would expect him to push for a transfer, i dont disagree with that. And I would agree that Kosc is not what VP, Cesc and Song were for our club, yet I definitely think he is on the right track to be more than Song was for the club. Obv not VP or Cesc.

        My whole issue though is what we have been told and promised by the Club over the past 6 years of losing key players. THis period of time was always a temporary period to get our basic aims and ideals in place before pushing forward again. You may have become disheartened and dont believe a word of it, where as I dont see why they wouldnt, especially if you can? You're a glass half empty, im a glass half full type of person. But because I believe in a better tomorrow then I expect to see changes over the next 2 summers that back up those promises.

        Maybe the big signings will not come, I have never really given credit to the idea of spend 30 mill and you get 30 mill worth of player, I believe with good scouting you could buy an 20mill player who could quite easily be better than the 30mill guy in a season or two, but the minimum I expect is to be able to hold on to our best! If the Club cannot even manage to do that then that is proof that the whole tight financial period of the past 8 years has been a sham from the start and heads should role because of it.

    • Who the hell was he before Arsene brought him from Lorient?...whar were his achievements?...how many titles had he won?...1 season in lique1...

      Now he has the impetus to pen his gob after just 3 months of barely justifying the £8m paid to bring him from Lorient...

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      • This boy needs to keep his mouth shut, he was plucked from obscurity and given a spot in a top club and just because Pepe Lapue makes noises about him he all of a sudden thinks he's the dogs!

        If he has a concern he should speak with the management privately but publicly come out and support the team that gave him his break!

        This will be the first season in years that Arsenal have declared to have money to spend, so lets wait and see what they do with that money before making threats.

        It makes you wonder how much these players want to play for Arsenal, there's just not enough respect or loyalty from players now days......