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    It is time for Arsenal to show its commitment for the new season....

    It will be interesting to see the Management commitment for the new season ! Wenger has been given a chance to prove he can win new silverwave for the past few years without "heavy investment" in new players.
    Of course we have to agree Arsenal needs to spend the money wisely ! I am confident Wemger will show the EPL that he does indeed have "the desire" to win the EPL or at least raise the bar to" 2nd position" in the new EPL season ! Question will be does the Arsenal Management and Wenger still have "the fire in the heart" or are we just playing for the 4th position always ? Where is the mentality "to try to get into Finals " for the tournaments Arsenal is playing for ? Good luck to Transfer season....shop wisely and time not to give the fans more excuses.......I am sure Wenger is tired of losing the games too ! In life we always want to try to win silverwaves.....otherwise Wenger cannot be our Manager for a long time, he must show he have the "desire to win" .....not always for the CL position ! Let's look for new players that can work as a TEAM ! Of course must be reasonable price ...that I will agree with Wenger. Time to change the players...... the players are earning good money to be professionals !

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    • But the major commercial contracts have come up for renewal. Gazidis has renegotiated a five-year deal worth £150m with Emirates – the first tranche of which becomes available this summer – while the benefits of a kit contract with Puma, worth roughly £30m a year, will be felt from next summer. There are, in addition, a number of secondary sponsorship arrangements.

      Arsenal, according to the most recent accounts, had revenues of £234.9m but it is confidently predicted that they will gross more than £300m by 2015, provided that they continue to participate in the Champions League. Bayern Munich, the European champions and the club that Gazidis cites as an example, turned over £298.1m in their latest accounts.

      Arsenal's majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, does not take dividends out of the club – all monies are reinvested – and so it is possible to imagine Wenger standing to receive an extra £70m each year to spend on transfers. The capacity to pay higher wages would also increase proportionately and, when the incoming financial fair play regulations are considered, Arsenal believe that no other club have a better opportunity to make a substantial advance.

      "We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich," Gazidis said. "I'm not saying we are there by any means, we have a long way to go before we can put ourselves on that level. But this whole journey over the past 10 years has been with that goal in mind, which is why I say that this is an extraordinarily ambitious club. This has been about putting us up with the best in the world and now the question is turning that platform into on-field success.

      "We are moving into a new phase where, if we make our decisions well, we can compete with any club in the world. We've seen two clubs this year in the Champions League final [Bayern and Borussia Dortmund], both of whom run responsible financial models and they're pretty fantastic teams, very exciting to watch. There's no reason why we can't do that."

      Gazidis's optimism for next season is fuelled by other factors. There will be no damaging departure of a top player this summer; the majority of the squad are tied to long-term contracts; the younger players will be stronger; last season's signings have adapted. Gazidis, who is aware of the need for a first trophy since 2005, believes that Arsenal can win the Premier League.

      Wenger remains at the heart of everything. Gazidis dismissed the notion that the manager since 1996 had an ideological block to spending, for example, £25m on a single player and he insisted that Wenger's eye for a polished diamond was just as keen as for an uncut one. He suggested that if Wenger had impressed under previous financial restrictions, he would surpass himself when afforded greater freedom in the market.

    • "In life we always want to try to win silverwaves."

      It's lines like this, and that you call yourself Eaglefree, that make me think you are native American.



    • We dont have the quality players to really win anything other than the cups and im not even sure our football is good enough for the big games. It will need wenger to spend alot of money, at least 100 million but i dont think he will get the players in we need. More cazorla/arteta quality than Jovetic/Rooney.

      Good but not great. Not good enough its true but sad to say.