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    Arsenals 'Financial firepower!' Gazidis

    Ivan Gazidis has declared that Arsenal are ready to "compete with any club in the world" as they enter a new financial era that will give them the power to sign players such as Wayne Rooney.

    The chief executive talked of the club's great ambition as he looked to the future and he made it clear that he wanted Arsène Wenger to remain as manager in the long term. Wenger's contract expires at the end of next season but Gazidis was hopeful that he would commit beyond that, raising the prospect of the Frenchman reaching 20 years at the club.

    Gazidis's comments on the "escalation" of Arsenal's "financial firepower" and what it stood to mean during the transfer window may excite the club's supporters the most. He used Rooney, who is disillusioned at Manchester United, as a hypothetical example, although Wenger has stated that he would not turn down the opportunity to sign the England forward.

    Arsenal have serious interest in the Real Madrid strikers Gonzalo Higuaín and Karim Benzema – one of whom is likely to be for sale this summer. Both are 25 and they comfortably fit the superstar profile.

    Arsenal are not known for their willingness to spend £25m fees on £200,000-a-week players; their record signing is Andrey Arshavin at £15m, who will be released on 30 June at the end of his contract. But, when questioned about Rooney and the potential for deals at the very top end, Gazidis suggested that anything was now possible.

    "We could do that, we could do MORE than that," he said. "We have a certain amount which we've held in reserve and we also have new revenue streams coming on board. All of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you. We can think about all kinds of things."

    It is well documented how Arsenal have been constrained by the cost of their move to the Emirates Stadium in 2006 when they were compelled to lock themselves into long-term sponsorship deals that guaranteed money up front. Gazidis talked of having had "ONE HAND TIED BEHIND OUR BACK

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    • Hilarious post Pixie.

      The false lamenting over Arsenal's financial position is as predictable as Christmas.

      Arsenal spent more in the transfer market than United over the last two years yet still won nothing and finished miles behind in both seasons.

      At least Gazidis didn't use injuries and the length of time it takes Arsenal players to bed in as excuses.

    • No more -"could" or "think" - There is only "DO" now.

      We have not been competing these last eight years. We haven't even been in the same race. We have been lucky to finish in the CL spots.

      We all want to see Arsenal on the front of the starting grid this year. Gazidis should stop talking and start doing!

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      • Still at it I see Baptist. No fresh approach? Grow up and grow some hair. You're an #$%$ full stop.

      • "We have not been competing these last eight years" ?

        I find that quite unbelievable, John.

        Of course, we've competed despite the financial constraints imposed on the club in the period, granted not as we used to do consistently prior to the building of our new stadium.

        We shouldn't forget that Arsenal got to the 2006 Champions League final, we also competed strongly for the 2007-08 EPL title. We got to Carling Cup final in 2011 and were regarded by most pundits as the overwhelming favourites to lift the Cup that season against a side we spanked 6-0 (aggregate) in the league, but it wasn't to be.

        "We have been lucky to finish in the CL spots."?
        After 38 games, the league table doesn't lie, John.