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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Jun 7, 2013 12:51 Flag

    SPEND wenger or DO ONE!

    This would be a fair demand given the statements in recent days, a put up or shut up if you will. The reality is we need to send very heavily just to compete with the big boys for titles.
    What I dont understand is wengers sheep like following neglect to acknowledge that after losing to man u 8-2 wenger rushed and spent £50m plus wages on a bunch of relegation fodder type players!
    This proves there has always been lots of money to spend, and lends to strength to the argument that wenger is now a poor judge of character. Walcott, Park, Giroud, Chamakh, the list goes on.
    I read that sanogo is joining us on a free. Stinks of chamakh all over again.
    Keep drinking the kool aid ;-)

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