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  • Raider Raider Jun 7, 2013 13:58 Flag

    Robsons Beef with Wenger!

    I am constantly hearing and reading Stewart Robsons comments on Wenger and the club, and to be honest he really doesn't have a good word to say about anything Arsenal, especially Wenger!

    He is now sounding like a broken record and full of sour grapes, he needs to get over what ever problem he has and show support for the club.

    A blind man can see that Arsenal have been treading water for years but the tide is changing and he should wait until Wenger has brought in the players for this season before slagging off players associated with Arsenal as these are just names that have been linked through idle rumours, we all know that 99% of the names are made up to generate stories and agents stimulating movement for their clients.

    The simple truth is, Gazidis has publicly stated that Wenger now has the financial clout to source players of Rooney's value but at no point as Arsenal stated which players they are looking to bring in, so how can Robson start criticising Wengers new purchases.

    We all have an opinion on what Wenger should be doing and the type of players he should bring in but I don't believe Arsenal need Robsons acidic comments and his negativity towards Arsenal and the manager.

    He can say, "I told you so" next May if he's right!

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    • The tide is changing? Its hard to believe you can even find the cheek to write those words.
      I told you so has been on the table for years, now we have to wait til next may, then come may it will be the next may, then the next...and this is where we are now!
      The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes and you have to conclude that some of you are either insane or too blind to see.

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      • The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes again and again expecting a different result... but to relate that to Arsenal is not taking into account the various factors surrounding the clubs ideas, aims and ambitions. If you dont believe what you are told by the Club you "support" then thats up to you, but if you support them you should give them the time they asked for initially to complete the method of practice, complete that base aim, and then step up afterwards. UNless you give them that youre merely shooting your bolt too early and I dont see how you can be a Gunner if you will just throw away what we have been told many times over the period of the past 8 years...with theoretically 2 years still to go? NOw i dont expect to have to wait that extra 2 years because of financial benefits we have finally had confirmed yet I will wait those extra two years quite happily if it guarantees us a more obvious and focused effort to challenge. Whether it does or not is a different matter. Its about having faith that youre not being bullshitted. We could be being bullshitted but the game will eventually be up...and then what? (for the Board?) Heads rolling

    • Is anybody really interested in what the sad old has-been has to say about Arsenal and Wenger? Supporters of other teams won`t be interested and,as for us Gooners...most of us don`t give a damn about his deluded,hate fueled ramblings on. He is undoubtedly peed off because he was given his marching orders and he knows he will never have the word `legend` associated with his name.

    • The saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is what comes to mind whenever I hear the name - Stewart Robson.

      It's sad to see someone like him who worked for the club gone off the rails the way Robson did.

    • Lost his job at Arsenal TV and has turned into a bitter old queen.